Universities churn out record numbers of top class LLB students

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  • London Met

    An interesting fact about London Met is one of its lecturers won the Oxford University Press Lawteacher of the year award this year and the uni also had another one of its lecturers on the shortlist.

    Anybody who knows the higher education landscape will acknowledge that London Met is a very different university to many as it specialises in catering to students from poor social and academic backgrounds. Many of the students lack the skills due to the previous education they've received, so its no surprise that they fare badly in comparison to Exeter.

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  • Get rid of Training Contracts

    What a load of rubbish! The key and overriding concern here is to get rid of Training Contracts and allow those in Paralegal roles to qualify after 2 years of experience. The restrictive straitjacket approach is backward looking and is only designed to protect Those already in the profession.

    Further, I know a lot of people with thirds who are far better and more capable lawyers that those with firsts.

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  • Your Having a Laugh

    Further it is my understanding at Sheffield you get open book exams where you have seen the papers first this didn't happen at Teesside so the percentages posted are largely incorrect. Moreover, where are Cambridge and Leeds in these figures?

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  • People with thirds...

    A popular phrase when I was young (read: 20 years ago) was "people with 2:1s work for people with 2:2s, and those with 1sts go on to teach their children."

    I think the point being made was that while academic achievement is important, so is having social skills, other interests and being engaged in other activities than just a thesis on something probably fairly obscure that won't mean much to anyone two years down the line.

    Though of course this principal can be abused by those who simply spent their undergraduate years watching Neighbours, it's important not to forget how true it is nonetheless.

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  • Its not education only

    10 yrs ago world records were set in the olympics,the same records are being broken by school kids at training,e.g swimming,tennis and athletics.

    Are you saying the 100m sprinters are now running a shorter 100m?

    Things have changed,so are the LLBs.

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  • I've just started studying law at Birmingham university. It seems to me that a First is basically impossible and a 2.2 is not good enough to do anything with. Therefore everyone I know wants a 2.1 and most of us will get one. Surely there should me more room for manouvre! How are we going to be compared when we have the same result?!

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  • Having recently graduated from uni, achieving a 2.1 in law, I can indeed confirm that a law degree these days is a bit of a piss take.

    The standards are far, far below most law degrees on the continent- in depth, duration -- in just about every single way.

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  • To Anon @ 6:14pm above,

    Which university did you attend? I secured a 2.1 from Bristol University in 2006 and this was far from a "bit of a piss take" - in fact it was very tough.

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  • I went to Manchester.

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  • It doesn't really matter what degree you have in law.
    The point is the legal profession is shrinking as outsourcing becomes the norm.
    Most current law students will be lucky if they end up as paralegals.
    Start looking for a job in India.

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