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  • I've just finished second year law at LSE, and am currently applying for training contracts at top firms.

    I studied Chemistry, Maths, English Lit, and French (with Biology AS).

    I know of very few people at my university who studied any 'soft'' subjects. Instead, most come from a traditional A-level background.....

    Further, having completed several vacation schemes thus far, I've not met anyone with anything less than a very stellar educational history - and, for law firms in the City, this means traditional subjects

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  • I am going to start my law degree at City university london in september. I must agree with the chap who has said that A level law is a soft option. I myself studied A level Chemistry, Biology, Maths and English literature. Having finished my A levels just recently, I can tell all secondary school leavers, that subjects such as Law, Business, IT most definitly, Sociology, Philosophy and Psycology are all very soft subjects. They often give a brief overview, and are simply not very challenging, especially to a student hoping to study law.
    A good example of the subjects simplicity is psycology, I spoke to a number of students within my biology class who had also studied A level psycology. While studying this subject they observed the different areas of the brain and their corresponding functions. However the concept of neuro transmitters had eluded them.
    You cannot nanny people, and assume all A levels are equal simply to avoid offense, Inequality exists and you simply have to accept it.

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