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By Kian Ganz

Two-year itch

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  • Ignorance still abounds regarding the capabilities of U.S.-law trained Indian attorneys at legal outsourcing companies. But it is only a matter of time before we realize the full potential of Indian legal professionals, especially in the area of higher-value services such as legal research and drafting.

    Once the news about the excellent quality of work done by the Indian attorneys is spread even further not only would more work be outsourced into India, but US attorneys would outsource themselves too. Indian firms doing high-end legal work have been continuing to impress all.

    For example, reports on how Indian lawyers at SDD Global Solutions ( – a high-end legal outsourcing company) impressed the legal department of UK's second largest commercial television network to the point where the client, Channel Four Television Corporation, even issued a press release on the subject: ?
    -- Channel Four issued a statement that it was 'happy not only with the result in the Ali G case [a defeated libel suit against Channel Four and Sacha Baron Cohen in Los Angeles], but also with the low legal fees that made the defense possible.' It added that the case was being 'fought with the litigation support services of SDD Global Solutions, the India arm of Channel 4’s U.S. counsel, SmithDehn LLP, in a groundbreaking case where ‘outsourcing’ has proved to be a creative solution to running a robust defense.' Channel Four noted that SDD Global conducted the legal research and drafted all of the preliminary drafts of court papers in the litigation, including the successful motion for summary judgment -- ??

    Moreover, Russell Smith adds:
    -- outsourcing actually creates more legal jobs in the West, rather than cutting them. Every time a deal is done, or a litigation is waged, because legal services are suddenly affordable, it means more work for the Western lawyers involved in supervision, editing, negotiating, and/or appearing in court --

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