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  • If they could understand Turkish they would realise that the partners of the big four in Turkey earn money would make a S&M partner think they were working in the public service. Clearly zero understanding of the local market. Not surprising though. The emerging markets have always been the waste basket for the English monolingual lawyers failed in London or not good enough for London.

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  • To the commentator above, I think your understanding of the Turkish Legal market is rather 'off the money'. I know several of the partners of international firms present in Istanul and they certainly not failed lawyers at all. I also know a reasonable amount about the margins being made by the biggest Turkish firms and I am very confident you are wrong. It may be correct that the founding partners of the top locals are doing well for themselves, but with very few distributing true partnerships like a London firm would, the difference in earnings within the firms is more likely the staggering part. I would also encourage you to read a little into the subject... Lawyer Magazine did a good insight a while ago into EPP etc and you will note S&M was at the top of that pile.

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  • “Once upon a time law was a profession,” says one commentator. “Now it is the preserve of a venal, disgraceful, pathetic oligarchy who have scrambled up the stepladder before kicking it away.”

    “Agreed, City law is now deeply unpleasant and solely money driven,” says another. “In City law firms, redundancies in bad times are a matter of GREED. The manner of many of those redundancies has been even more despicable, with good lawyers being pushed out in the most unpleasant manner through untrue appraisals, bullying and all manner of other ’stealth’ techniques.”

    Interesting comments. Why anyone would want to aspire to this is beyond me.

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  • Turkiye’de Hukuk birimlerinde ve avrupa hukuki konularinda, hukuk uzmanlik danismanligi yapan ve ayreten bunun yani sirasinda, America Birlesik Devletlerinde, tecrubeleri olan avukatlarin, uzmanlik alanlari, ustun derecede yuksektir.

    Ozellikle, ilaveten Turkiye’deki avukatlarin, genel olarak bazileri, yapanci ulkelerin Barolarinda durusma avukati sinavlarini, basari derecesiyle bitirmistir. Ayreten, yabanci ulkelerde, avukat olma unvanina sahiptir.

    Bu arada onemli bir noktaya deginmek isterim. Bu itabarla ayreten, bunlarin yani sirasinda, Turkiye’deki avukatlarin, egitim alanlari ustun derecededir, ve dunyanin onde gelmis, Universitelerinde, egitim alanlarina sahiptir.

    Bunlarin, yani sirasinda Turkiye’deki Avukatlarin, tecrube alanlari ve danismanlik yaptiklari konular, farkli faliyetler alanlarina ayrilmistir. Turkiye ekonomisinin zenginlesmesi ve GDP oranlarinin yukselmesi nedenlerinden, Yabanci Firmalarin ve Avrupa Avukat Firmalarinin Turkiye capinda ticari islem kazanmalari on planda, olma dusuncesindedir….

    The Attorneys in Turkey are highly intellectual with stimulating knowledge on various practical experiences, in nationally and internationally, within the World of Commercial Arena.

    Including, major of the attorneys in Turkey, have admission to US Bar District Councils and also including The Bar Council of England and Wales.

    Hence, majority of the attorneys had secondments in International Banks and completed their associate training in International Law Firms by practiced on lucrative transactions within the Global World.

    Furthermore, attorneys in Turkey are highly regarded with their reputable work in various fields of law within Commerce. Also, their transitional knowledge of being bilingual Attorneys shown a greater advantage of, support to investors around the world with an interest in M&A and Banking and Finance transactions in TURKEY including disputes on Maritime Law.

    Hence, the Attorneys in Turkey have gained their academic qualifications from IVY League Universities’ in United States and England and Wales. Furthermore, their practical knowledge in the Commercial arena within law regarded as huge success for the Turkish Economy in present and for, future.

    Furthermore, client relationship is the significant and the most important aspect in the growing Turkish Capital Market. Although, understanding the culture and the government austerity in its infrastructure would be the beginning challenge for, the Law Firms around the World.

    The classical way of experiencing Turkey is, via Venice-Simplon on Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul (Sirkeci Station) or with Turkish Airlines.

    Native Speaker in Turkish, LLB. Law Student; England & Wales….

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