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  • "First, it is clear that until recently many newspaper lawyers and journalists simply did not know any technology law."
    Any man on the street is aware of the Act in either name, or that it is obvious illegal to intrude upon private and password protected data. Failing that, anyone in the Times' IT department could have informed them. I find it hard to believe that no lawyer in the field is aware of the act, or would not at least look into it; especially in the light of impending court action.
    Claiming "But I didn't know it was illegal to break into someone's email" is clearly a fiction.
    There have been enough high-profile cases both here and overseas (I'm thinking Sarah Palin's hacked account here, which I believe pre-dated the NJ hack) for anyone with any interest in media to be aware that hacking email is likely to be an offence.
    Aside from that ascertain, your article seems a fine one.

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