The week we're all talking about… Clifford Chance's paralegals

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    It is good that English law firms are seeing the light now, in getting the work to low cost destinations. Soon they will also realise that it is not worthwhile to do more than 50% of the work that English lawyers spent time on doing [including the unnecessary 'thank you', 'sorry', 'please' and loads of mannerisms for which they charge the clients]. It is time that English law firms, particularly the close city white club, wake up to the fact that their days are numbered. Soon, just like everything else such as cricket, football, business and other arts, legal profession will also be dominated by the developing countries like India and China.

    And why are the lawyers who have posted their comments on 11th August story complaining. Have they not seen the Law Scoeity website which is inviting Indian firms to open offices and get businesses here? Are they not aware how vigiourously Law Scoiety is lobbying for Indian legal sector to open up for English law firms to get the bite of Indian legal services sector? How vigourously Law Scoiety advertised the QLTT route for loads of Indian lawyers to spent money on doing the transfer only to find out that the English legal job market is actually closed to people from outside the Europe? These people who I am sure support the other activities of Law Society cannot complain if English law firms are sending jobs to India.
    But even this move will not lead to openning up of the Indian legal market as CC expects it to once they have transfered the jobs. Indian legal sector shouldn't allow the English law firms in India at par with other law firms. Even though this back door entry is acceptable as this creates jobs in India, front door entry of English law firms establishing their firms to practice law at par with Indian practitioners is not acceptable at all. Bad persuasion by CC though it is a good thing for India.

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