The UEFA financial fair play regulations - is the playing field being levelled?

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  • "Football clubs hoping to compete in lucrative European competition will have to navigate skilfully through the complexities of the Financial Fair Play Regulations which come into force from the beginning of the 2013-14 season."
    Yes, they'll have to navigate skilfully indeed; or they can just have the owner's brother's company sign a huge endorsement and naming rights deal with the club at a radically above market rate and then buy whomever they want for whatever price they want.
    The fair play rules are a joke. They're more likely to ensure that the same 5 or 6 teams will keep passing the trophy around with the occasional Porto fluking their way to the championship from time to time. The only thing that would level the playing field is a salary cap but that would also be unworkable on a continental scale for a variety of reasons. It's just a fact of life: there will never be parity in European football.

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