Teen plunders thousands from Freshfields

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  • Re 'Think of this', 10.08

    Make them look great? Doesn't it just make them look a bit thick and disorganised?

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  • Theft

    I have two children both of whom are applying for training contracts on their educational merits and not because they are black.

    They are certainly not underprivileged, but my fear is that law firms will begin to close their doors and opportunities to ethic minorities because of incidents like this, lets face it white people steal, but somehow it is not always highly publicised as when a minority does it.

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  • Re 'Theft'

    I don't see why your children should be discriminated against because of this incident. The people who may suffer will be the ones that take advantage of schemes like the one mentioned in the story. If your kids are just applying for contracts through the normal channels, I can't really see how it affects them.

    As for the idea that when white people steal it isn't reported, that simply isn't true. The Lawyer did loads about Mel Weiss from Milberg, for instance. And nowhere in the story above did it mention she is black - people just inferred it from her Nigerian name. Do you even know that she is?

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  • Culture and crime

    Regarding the comments earlier about culture and behaviour, clearly the idea that someone's skin colour compels them to act in a certain way is offensive and nonsensical.

    However the idea that one's CULTURE is an influence how one behaves is obviously true - it for this reason that, for instance, people from some cultures never discuss sex while others do, people from some cultures eat animals that other cultures never would, people from some cultures are offended by bare breasts while others aren't and so on.

    For this reason, then, if we recognise that different cultures have different attitudes to different things, it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that would extend to fraud.

    That Nigerians have a reputation for fraud may not be fair, then, but it isn't racist - people originating from Ghana, Burkina Faso or Mozambique don't have that reputation, though they are every bit as black as Nigerians.

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  • Thanks

    Thank you Anthony, for being one the first to show some common sense. I salute you! Surely the point of this article is that well-meaning intentions can backfire.

    And that maybe, just maybe, some people with 'non-traditional' upbringings are more prone to activities of this nature than others. White people with 'non-traditional' backgrounds steal too- its the background that's important, not the colour!

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  • Systems

    Presumably the only possible failure on Freshfields' part is the fact that this student could get hold of the cheques in the first place (and the article suggests that, as she was in the accounts department on work experience, this can't have been difficult).

    Given that she was doubtless not a registered signatory on Freshfields' accounts, the systems question mark is surely more at the bank's level - why did it cash these cheques if they were not properly signed?

    Presumably the bank has absorbed that loss as an article on another legal magazine website states neither Freshfields nor its clients lost any money from this.

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  • Been Caught Stealing

    Maybe Boris will give her a job in the City Hall accounts department when she gets out of chokey? Now that's what I call positive discrimination...

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  • We're not all like that!!

    It's a shame that this girl was given such a wonderful opportunity and abused it in such away. Where she could have gone with a name such as Freshfields on her CV...now all she has is a criminal record... what a shame.

    I just hope that she's learnt her lesson and all ppl, whether they are white, black, Asian do not follow down the same route ,and also that major companies like this do not start to discriminate because of one stupid person's actions. We're not all like this, despite what some ppl might think :0(

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  • concentrate on the issue

    This lady is a criminal. There are no moral, social or political dimensions - and no excuses. She stole from her employer in a premeditated way and must be punished. She should also be deported at the end of her sentence to prevent her re-offending in this country, and to send a message to other criminals that the harshest penalties will be meted out to those who breach the trust of their employers.

    It is a shame that she is Nigerian as well as a criminal. This has allowed all of the ne'er do wells with a political agenda to crawl out from under their politically correct, or incorrect, rocks and try to divert attention to the race issue. Thieves should be punished - end of story.

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  • Race nothing to do with it

    At my last firm one of the partners (white, middle class, male) was caught siphoning off money from elderly clients' accounts (he was the head of Wills and Probate. He was struck off but amazingly he escaped prison and just got community service. Fair?!

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