Supreme Court judgment: Assange v Swedish Judicial Authority

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  • How could the classified information be protected for the safety of one Country and also making sure that the citizens of that same Country are not the target of that top secret, like in a "false flag" attack for example?
    Should State secrets exist?
    If State secrets were eliminated in a certain Country how could this Country then protect itself? For example, if the US were to divulge every secret including how to make an atomic bomb then how could they do it without the risk of remaining victims of their disclosed secret?
    Is it possible to balance the power between secret State Agencies and the right to know of every citizen?
    Secret State Agencies for long time have been the employment stations to enroll new Zionists and Freemasons and are the alcoves where the darkest ideas have been plotted in the name of a “Greater Good”.
    To accept that such relevant secrecy is reserved for only few individuals is to also accept that non governmental secret societies will continue to flourish behind closed doors and advance their agenda while they remain hidden from the unaware eye of the citizen.
    The head of the secret services should never be elected President of a Country, like Bush was. To know everything about everybody is a weapon like no other and from the conditional blackmail for political votes it is inevitable that any Democracy will turn into a Tyranny.
    The secret State Agencies will be those to welcome a New World Order and its "chosen people".
    The current system of government seems to offer no alternative.
    There is only one solution.

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