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  • Union uses no-win no-fee lawyers

    Whitty's figures are £5.88 per member per year spent on lawyers, of which 58p is spent on employment lawyers and defending the union against members or employers. So that's say 50p a year for employment lawyers.

    Whitty doesn't say that the union receives more than nine requests for help from members about personal injury to every one member who has to use employment law. If that's implausible, it's more plausible to think he's using "conditional fee" lawyers for the whole operation, and a report by Thompsons for Unison states that another union funds lawyers in this way. So does the £75million come back in referral fees? And given that the T&G employs 400 staff for the 850,000 members there's a hole in the budget. Suppose the average subscription is £10, while rent and petty cash are nil, each member of staff would be paid £250,000 a year, but official's jobs are advertised at say £25,000.

    I've carried-on with the same theme on a web site, quoting Whitty: - a site I wrote after being represented by one of the T&G's lawyers.

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