Simmons to open low-cost Bristol base

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  • Westmorlandia | 3-Apr-2012 1:18 pm, has it down to a tee.
    CPA Global, outsourcing, ABSs, etc. all point to this, logic.
    Its time we all embraced technology and accept that neither you nor your client need to sit in the same room to go over the rudiments of a contract.
    Although Cadwalader had a rough time of it, that their lawyers wore "mufti" most of the time was a good foot forward. Carrying an iPad in a dungeon is not embracing the new age, it is simply saying "I have the latest 'laptop', but still want to chain myself to the plastic/metal concoction that deprives me of a healthier existence...because I 'choose' to".
    The lawyer on his laptop from a cabin on an island in the Pacific, the client from his loft apartment in Oslo, the funders from their condos in Malibu.
    Why not?

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  • In larger firms, there would still need to be a substantial amount of centralised control (in IT, for example), which would go beyond the need to provide meeting facilities. Although it is something that many of us would be loathe to admit, it may also be unwise to underestimate the positive effect that the rather draconian workplace atmosphere of certain law firms has on productivity; left to their own devices many lawyers, even with the best intentions, will find much to distract them when working offsite for most of the time. I speak from experience. And then there are those disaffected senior partner types who view the office as an escape from whatever is happening at home...

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  • Lunchtime McTwaddle | 4-Apr-2012 5:31 pm,

    "Left to their own devices" kinds of lawyers could be reviewed on quality, quantity and quickness. If they don't meet the 3Qs, to the standards laid down by the managing committee, then....the "door" (wherever or whatever might signify that, e.g. notice of termination of consultancy agreement or P45) could be clearly shown.


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