Sick of secondment

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  • Sick of secondment

    As someone who has now worked in-house for two banks, one great experience (my current bank) and one appalling experience, I may be able to offer some insight.

    My appalling experience was entirely down to my manager (managers and reporting lines are very important in in-house environments). I would have been much more successful had I simply "sold out" to her way of doing things. Her demands were ridiculous and extreme, and were spurred by a genuine dislike of lawyers.

    One thing which did work with her though was communication - letting her know what I was doing, where my time was going, providing her with updates on matters in a regular weekly email sent on Monday mornings (not Friday afternoons - would never have been read).

    If you've genuinely got an awful boss, just regard this as a rough stage of your career - lawyers always get the rough end of every deal, it's part of the joy of law!

    Soak it up, bring a positive attitude to work and broaden your contacts base both within legal and within the business (e.g. pop out for a pint at lunch time etc).

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