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Shearman associate sacked after alleged sex harassment

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  • Do we have all the facts?

    Has the associate admitted that it went down the way the vac student suggests? I know it won't be popular, but do we know for sure that the student is telling the truth? What if she came onto him and he turned her down? What if they had a fumble, she found out he couldn't get her a TC, and she was we know for sure that she is telling the truth?

    Has he been fired before having a chance to defend himself?

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  • Sexual Harassment in Law Firms

    Only recently have I discovered that a number of law firms practice or condone misogyny and justify it as being "commercial" knowing that rarely will the female take action for fear of the financial and career cost of taking a case against them.

    The blatant flouting of discrimination law is disappointing and shocking but the very nature of a law firm ensures that they can proctice this behaviour far easier than other businesses. Shearman should be congratulated on their stance and quick action. They have gone up in my estimation!

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  • does any1 know

    how 2 still get Sherman summer vac place, coz it seems like happening place. or maybs Freshfiles. this assoc seems total n00b with ladies. thnxbye

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  • interesting

    I'm pleased to see everyone is being fairly open-minded about this and not just going for the "Women's rights are being violated and I think it's disgusting" line we constantly hear.

    It can't be ignored that there are male partners out there who may cross lines every now and then, but to be honest some young women really need to get it into their minds that this is always a danger.

    By the sounds of things, this girl set herself up for it by accompanying him. He was obviously drunk and took her into a strip club. She says she was unaware of where she was being taken, yet her memory was working well enough to remember the "suggestive comments" and "inappropriate touch".

    And the timing of this complaint has conveniently been "missed" by the writer - after the vacation scheme had ended and when she was told she would not be getting a training contract?

    When things like this happen people just tend to react only to the sexist behaviour of the man and don't consider the woman's part in it all.

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  • This is all one-sided

    Many of the posts below seem to ignore the fact that we don't yet know if the former associate actually did it.

    The story has no quote from him and he hasn't been interviewed. And for all we know Shearman could simply have sacked him just for using the company credit card to get into the club, not for sexual harassment.

    Equally, they could have sacked him cynically just because they couldn't be bothered with the association of the allegation, or because it's a good excuse to sack him instead of making him redundant in six months time.

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  • injustice

    They may well have just sacked him to avoid the bad press. Whenever women complain of any type of harrassment it's always the same, "there's no excuse".

    I'm not saying it didn't happen, it may well have done in which case the associate can't expect to get off lightly but these things have to be investigated - the firm obviously haven't thought of that in their desperation to save face.

    Nevermind however many years that man has worked to build up his career, or what it cost him in time and money at university, whenever women complain it has to be taken care of or it's sexist.

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  • Shearman associate

    I will say that when drunken women who work in lawyers' offices have molested me, I haven't complained.

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  • Last post've just woken up. Hahahahahahahahah!

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  • can she handle it?

    If a voluntary trip to a strip club and a few inappropriate advances are enough to send her running off to HR then - it's very sad - but she does not stand a chance in the City.

    The days of sexual harassment are alive and kicking and, part of progressing at a law firm, is being able to fend off unsolicited approaches by drunken peers/superiors/clients without also alienating them.

    The student in question should really question whether she has what it takes (as well as pray that her new employers/ peers don't work out who she is - everyone will tiptoe around her for the rest of her (likely shortlived) career).

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  • Shearmans sacking

    There's a real rush to judgment going on from both sides of this debate. Face it - nobody actually knows what happens except the vacation student, the associate and whoever handled his disciplinary hearing. We're just not in a position to dispense moral indignation.

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