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Shearman associate sacked after alleged sex harassment

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  • Doing the right thing

    The Summer Intern - Yes, she did the right thing. No matter how much naivety, alcohol, youth or inexperience may have contributed to what happened, none of those justifies the behaviour of the associate.

    The Associate - No. Such apparently overbearing, leary behaviour puts the Bradley Chait e-mail saga of 2000 into some perspective.

    S&S - No. The behaviour of the firm wrong and it has damaged itself in the process. It smacks of CYA and a complete abnegation of responsibility. It clearly believes it is on a mission to minimise damage to itself, both financially, by avoiding any claim by the summer intern, and reputationally, by distancing itself from the associate. However, the message it has just sent to all its employees and clients is "don't get into trouble because we won't think twice of dropping you like a hot brick."

    The associate has a problem. The right response from the firm would have been to take responsibility for its employee and address that problem by, for example, insisting that he have counselling and, if the environment of the firm was one that propagated his unhealthy behaviour, assisting him in finding an alternative career.

    Instead, the firm has thrown an already damaged individual out into society with no hope that he will not reoffend and it has washed its hands of him. That is wrong. Why are we happy to say "this is not the way the world should be" for the Associate's behaviour, but not for the firm's?

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  • Bad Move

    Any man who takes a woman to a strip club is hoping the woman will get the message he is too scared or not brave enough to tell her in the first place.

    She was right to wait a week and after her vacation scheme to complain - she could not tell how the firm and or the associate's colleague will react to her. Personally, I dont think she is naive, I think she got offended with his terrible style and manner of approach.

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  • Who knows

    No one can know exactly what went on here. Going to a strip club is not a crime. The only questions that really need be considered are whether the girl felt in some way compelled to attend due to the position of the associate and whether he did actually harass her.

    For a woman to start talking about sleeze and strip clubs is wrong; for men to say clearly nothing happened is presumptuous. What is important is the facts. If there was no harassment and no sense that the girl felt compelled to attend, then nothing wrong has occurred.

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  • Did nobody really notice?!?

    The only thing that I really find interesting about this story: taking a woman to a strip club is about the most - how shall I put it? - "awkward" (primitive / desperate) way to make a hit on a woman!

    I certainly do have sympathy for the internee. But imagine the miserable state of mind the associate must have been in! What a jerk! Didn't they teach him in Oxbridge?!

    The kind of woman that would haven fallen for that kind of approach you could have had in the very same strip club for a couple of chips and w/o the hassle.

    Poor fella, better go on making a career and leave the women to those of us who know how to. :-)

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  • No training contract

    So she waited until she knew she hadn't got a training contract to tell them? Would she have told them if she'd received an offer and had wanted to accept?

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  • shearmans idiot

    Did this guy get sacked for going to a strip club? Or was it for using the credit card? Or for the inappropriate touching? Which was it?

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  • sex in the city

    This has happened for years and years. Associates always hit on the vac scheme students and in my experience plenty of vac schemers like bagging associates. Not that this excuses this incident, but it's an extreme example of what goes on every summer.

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  • and....

    if he did touch her inappropriately as suggested she should have gone to the Police. If he did not touch her it is harsh of S&S to sack him only for his poor judgment.

    Retraining, guidance and support may have been more appropriate but I hear times are heard down there... saves on the redundancy I suppose.

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  • What goes around comes around

    ...from sleazy strip clubs to the disregard of Tibet's sovereignty, when will China realise this is the 21st century and such blatant abuse of human rights will not be tolerated?

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  • Re last post

    Matthew, what's the relevance of China here? Isn't this about an American firm, in Britain?

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