Senior lawyers question law firm business model

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  • It is what it is!

    I dont think the strucutre of a firm would have made a difference to the ammount of redundancies or work flow. Its largley out of the firms hands. Accountancy firms are busy not because of their trade, not their structure. And as for the associate jobs on the market, if a firm is hiring at 2-3 or 4-5 or higher they will say, they would have a need for someone at a particualr level rather than just another competant lawyer.

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  • oh dear

    Anonymous @13:10

    With spelling and grammar like that, it's no wonder you are worried about redundancy..

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  • Touche!

    Absolutely appalling that in this day of age the first commentator would submit that rubbish! If this "professional" is still employed at a law firm when I'm redundant God help the profession.

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  • Snobi so n so

    Who do u thnk u r u snobbs! just coz sum of uz dont write the stuk up way u do so wot. im a partner in a maggic circle firm and i eat litl boys like u 4 my t, thats y im still workin & ur not!

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  • Question...

    what is Gibson? Can't find the website...

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  • Ryan

    Ryan, if you work at a magic circle firm, I'm a Dutchman.

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  • Brought it on themselves

    It's a bit ironic that Paul Maher is unhappy that lawyers in big firms, such as his, have a year to year perspective. Given the history of purges at Mayer Brown since he took over, every partner there knows that he or she is only one bad year from being demoted or pushed out the door. Small wonder that they want their cash in the same year they earn it.

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  • All talk and no action

    My view is that as law firms are so conservative by nature, they will not (by and large) not rush to change. Firms tend to be forced into change on the whole and I anticipate that as change takes so long to put in place in most firms, the economy will have started to recover by the time that changes have gone through the various committees, sounding boards etc.

    My bet is that firms in 5 years time will be structured very much as they now are, which to me is a lost opportunity.

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  • Website

    "Gibson" (See earlier post) refers to Katherine Ginson, Chair of the Junior Lawyers Division. The Website is at

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  • law firms

    Since the City deregulated in the early 1980s the law has seemed like a profession which pays very well. As a result we now have lots of lawyers, particularly in large firms, who joined the "profession" (ha! ha! remember that!) for the money and not much else. As elsewhere in society, quality of work has gone down, since who cares so long as you log the hours and the bill gets paid?

    The client executive knows that if he uses a big firm he won't get criticised. This has all helped to produce a breed of greedy partners making a lot of money but with no long term plan save perhaps selling out to a US firm. They employ a glut of nervous assistants living an insecure but well paid existence with little job satisfaction or prospects of partnership and the certainty of their replacement by someone junior and cheaper.

    Now said partners are stuck with long lease obligations and emptying offices - best to sack those assertive experienced assistants rather than reduce drawings obviously.

    Yes we need management who can deal with people since lawyers are so useless at it, but only if they have real power. And a few professionals and a bit more professionalism would help. Without that what is the point anyway, you might as well be a cowboy claims handler and the public is getting wise about them.

    The profession has also been badly run and distracted by the money issues. An emphasis on providing good independent advice might be a good slogan. It is unthinking greed that has got us into this recession.

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