Rangers liquidators to plough ahead with Collyer Bristow 'conspiracy' trial

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  • I used to regard myself as a Rangers fan, whatever that is/was. I'm quite ashamed of that facet of my life. I realise now that everything they stand for is either hollow or contrary to the interests of the Scottish people (union jacks, racism, bigotry, sectarianism, entitlement, ulster, etc, etc).

    So, anyway, some might be able to distinguish on some really abstract level between the business and the club, but the reality is that no such distinction is really possible. Thus, a 4 year old would grasp that it was the business that paid the team wages etc, it was also the business that paid for the upkeep and management of the grounds, and the business that orchestrated, managed, and took responsibility for the teams's involvement in leagues and tournaments.

    So all the players, coaching staff, the grass you played on, the games, everything, managed by Rangers the business, and somehow you seriously think this stuff could be separated from the team? The team somehow existed independently of all that?

    What next, Big Mac burgers exist independently of Mcdonalds?

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  • @anonymous 4:04pm
    What an odd comment to make, surely one would expect to see a legal discussion of the issues on a website called The Lawyer?

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  • Thai tim - quit googling law (leave that to the lawyers);

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  • Anonymous - 7-Nov-2012 4:04pm
    "Don't you just love all these obsessed law experts that suddenly popped up from the east end of Glasgow..... Maybe if you're fans......"
    I'll tell you what I love. The The Rangers fan who comes onto a forum called "The Lawyer" and, in response to a post by someone who clearly knows what he's talking about, completely ignores all of the facts contained in his comprehensive post and singles out that person's knowledge as the characteristic most appropriate for criticism. Laughably our esteemed The Rangers fan then seems unable to finish his three sentence long post without a basic grammatical error that most people have managed to learn to avoid before they've left primary school. One would be forgiven if he were to think "Anonymous" believes being knowledgable is something a person should be embarrassed about and that it's cool to be an imbecile.
    Then five minutes later, another anonymous post, presumably by the same bright spark as the previous one or by some other stuttering fan of the The Rangers, who believes he has found a flaw in Thai Tim's legal knowledge. Hilariously all he can muster in his attempt at a retort is to pose a question that every other person who has read Thai Tim's post... and who can actually read... already knows.
    This sequence of posts should be shown to all stuttering fans of the The Rangers as an example of how stupid they make themselves look when they throw accusations of "obsession" at others while they themselves are afflicted with a far more genuine obsession. That of wanting something to be true to such an extent that they'll overlook the most blatant facts, evidence and warning signs to the contrary.
    I'm glad people like you have found a new club to support. Long may it continue. The only thing your type have been doing for 140 years is providing entertainment for educated people around the world. Essential for our long, winter nights between European fixtures.

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