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  • The future of vouchers weblink

    Briefings | 3 June 2014

    After two years of public consultations, as well as various rounds of discussions between member states, new rules on the VAT treatment of vouchers are just about to be born.

  • The tax rollercoaster weblink

    Briefings | 4 April 2014

    This year commenced with contradictory new provisions in the tax field. Popovici Ni?u & Asocia?ii will briefly address only the high and the low of the ride.

  • About association in agriculture weblink

    Briefings | 31 October 2013

    It has become a truism that the agricultural area of Romania is highly fragmented and that modern and efficient agriculture requires the association of small farmers and consolidated surfaces.

  • The Mergers and Acquisitions Review — Chapter 57: Romania weblink

    Briefings | 27 September 2013

    Andreea Hulub, Alexandra Malea and Vlad Ambrozie of Popovici have contributed a chapter focused on Romania in the seventh edition of The Mergers and Acquisitions Review.