Poledna Boss Kurer (PBK)

  • Overview

PBK is a law firm which provides traditional legal advice and representation in legal enforcement by employing an approach and devices which are adequate to today’s challenges. ?PBK consists of experts who, rather than being simply a collection of resources unrelated among themselves, see beyond the traditional limits of their areas of expertise.

Our Approach
We form part of our clients' risk management. ?We view the law as a tool to control risk. Based on this premise we help our clients to create contractual and organisational structures that give them control over relevant processes.

We participate in shaping our clients' business activities. This involves establishing corporate legal and tax-related structures which are in line with their goals.

We work in a process- and goal-oriented manner: Rather than offering our clients theories about the law concerning their situation, we want to en-sure the law will come down on their side. This requires knowing when, where and how to state their position.

We believe the success of legal risk management decisively depends on a fastidious processing of the available information. Hence forensics is part of what we offer.

We work in an interdisciplinary manner: The successful processing of legal facts calls for a combination of expert knowledge from various disciplines. To an ever larger extent, business activities are governed by a combination of norms from private and public law. We work in both areas and do so in a crossover rather than a delimiting fashion.

Our legal devices
We acquired our legal qualifications through a thorough education, keep gaining experience and continue to educate ourselves.

Our activities involve in-sourcing and networking: Even the largest law firms cannot provide the best services in all areas of specialty. We therefore deliver the best services in our areas of expertise, while acquiring the rest from our best sources, i.e. our network.

We are networked across borders, with our main focus being Europe, the USA, China, Southeast Asia and Japan. We benefit from local ties with offices in Lugano (for Italy) and Asia.

Key Practice Areas:
Banking & Finance , Commercial and Corporate Law , Energy Law , Health-care Law , In Sourcing Out Sourcing , Interaction: Private and Public Law as an example , Insurance / Reinsurance / Liability , Litigation / Arbitration , M&A / Transactions , Presence in Asia , Private Clients , Public Organisations , Regulations , Tax Law , Technology / Life sciences


Bellerivestrasse 241
Postfach 865

Offices: Zurich, Lugano
Number of lawyers: 25
Number of partners: 6