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  • There very much is a silent 'T in LGBT', as a transgendered person myself working in the legal sector albeit not as a lawyer, i go to great lengths to keep this side of my life a secret despite living as a woman outside of working hours and have had to jump on the gay bandwagon just to explain my plucked eyebrow,long hair etc.

    This is because i know full well that 'the boys' might just overlook what you do behind closed doors in terms of sexuality but are they prepared to back you up in a meeting room when you stand out from all the grey suits....think again. At my previous employer who prided itself on its diversity, a very brave transexual friend suffered as any assocition or support of her implied latent empathy and were associated as a member of that diversity group so everybody just took the mickey.HR laughed and dismissed it as office banter and the transexual left the firm,sadly.

    A bloke in a dress is subject to open ridicule and sniggers no matter how passable you think you are,where as private life is just that. No openly gay lawyers/proffesional of either gender sport a skinhead and check shirt as the stereo type would suggest for lesbians or a floaty pink shirt and a limp wrist for men, its the visibilty of transgenderism thats ridiculed and that will always be, despite advances in surgery and hormone therapy.

    Cest la vie and we just have to accept it, no matter how much my mascarra runs with tears!

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