Opinion: Why equality is good for business

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  • Equality in London does not exist!

    There is no equality and there will never be equality in London for a very long time. This is my point of view on this subject as I have seen it and experienced it first hand.

    The article talks about women getting a training contract, but this is far from the truth as so many women these days do not get to obtain a training contract if they don't have their mother or their father in the legal profession. This legal system is very much outdated and if women want to get into the legal field they may have to "put out" as some people say or cater to an older guy who will take advantage one way or another for only 23+pa. This is the truth and we can not fight for equality if we don't know what we stand on and what it takes to get into the legal field to fight for the so called "equality".

    It is shameful that for such a country represented by a woman, the Queen, women still have to face inequality in the workforce and sexual discrimination.

    We can hope for a change, as it is always good to think positive, but don't hold your breath as things do not change that easily in England.

    I do not agree with the last part of the article " way many of us (women) can spend worthwhile lives". Many women do INDEED live worthwhile lives by just taking care of the loved ones.

    Law is not everything and we should admit that there are indeed women out there living worthwhile lives, just not in England.

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