Opinion divided as Shearman sacks associate for harassment

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  • Vacation Student

    I'm unclear about the term: what does it mean? I'm an American and haven't heard the phrase used here.

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  • Last post

    I think it's what Americans would call an intern. Vac scheme = vacation scheme: a formal period spent experiencing work in a law firm as part of your CV-building process.

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  • hypocrisy

    It seems to be fine to sack an associate and make it loudly public therefore ruining his life and career but what about sacking the partners who engage in this type (and much much much worse) of behaviour and making their bad behaviour public for all to read?

    From personal experience there are many who do it and get away with it time and time again (and I really hope if they are reading this they are twitching with guilt as they should be).

    In fact I have seen them 'manage' the young female lawyers out when they start to get peeved with this behaviour and then these guys just continue with business as usual.

    But not to say that the vac student was entirely prudent.

    When you are young (like this vac student), you tend to do stupid things that you would not take part in when you are older and wiser and you can look at this ridiculous behaviour and snigger and think how pathetic and predatory some of these guys are.

    This Shearman associate sounds just like a silly lad to me.

    Concentrate on the ones whose intentions are more harmful than this young man's.

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  • ravi

    This guy should bring a claim for unfair dismissal. This vacation student must have been over 18 and of course chose to go to a strip club of her own accord. Why did she think she was going- to discuss commercial litigation?

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