Official: Lawyers drink the most tea

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  • Another yorkshireman speaks

    I'm ashamed to say I probbaly drink marginally less than 10 cups a day. Mind you, I do use a one pint cup.

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  • endless varieties of tea...

    To Antony Sendal - try 50:50 Darjeeling + earl grey - perfection! (Or 70:30 if you can be bothered with leaves.)

    Redbush is also wonderful for something refreshing and healthy, green tea strictly for salving the conscience after over-indulgence in alcohol, peppermint after too much food; ginger, lemon "and nettle muck" for a cold.

    Coffee only ever drunk for the purpose of staying awake, never for the pleasure of it - all coffee tastes the same to me - whereas varieties of tea are so wonderfully different. I must go and put the kettle on...

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  • Earl Grey?????

    Earl grey? Girl grey more like. Real men don't drink tea that smells and tastes of rose petals.

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  • 'popcorn' tea...

    Lately I've been drinking a lot of 'genmaicha' (Japanese roasted rice + green tea). It has a wonderful, robust flavour. about 3-4 cups a day.

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  • Green tea is a must

    So true!

    I drink a lot of tea, green tea, my favourite being Blossoming Tea. It's charming to look at, has detox property, does not taste disgusting (unlike normal green tea), is very fashionable and I just prepare a fair amount of it which I drink throughout the day.

    Helps my diplomatic skills, I call it my tea of wisdom! I advise it, especially to the ladies, even though it's a little hard to find. I get it through a company called House of Blossoms.

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  • Mmmm... any black teas for day time (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai, a particular rose and french vanilla infused black), sometimes green, white or oolong in the afternoon, especially during summer, and peppermint after dinner. How could you possibly stop at 6?

    @Martin Collings: Rooibos is beautiful, I prefer it with milk. I love the fact that you can brew it virtually as long as you want without it getting bitter because it doesn't have as much tannins. It's difficult to find though...

    @GB: I'll take you on in a tea drinking comp any day, if you can explain to me why you feel the need to dismiss people as 'girly' in such a derogative tone. I'm a girl, do you have a problem with that?

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