Withers leads Scientology marriage appeal as revenue growth slows

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  • This couple are part of a larger scheme by the church of scientology that has being going on for over a decade to attain religious recognition in the UK. They will then use this to leverage charitable status and all the various tax breaks they hope that will entail. That said I believe the UK Charities Commission does not have to automatically grant an organisation recognized as a religion charitable status, although it may make it harder for them to deny it as they have so far done with the church of scientology.

    If anything the church of scientology is an argument for divorcing religion and charitable status completely and thus ensuring that only organisations that make a positive contribution and are inclusive of the wider community in which they are based should be given such breaks. There also ought to be greater financial oversight of charities to ensure that only an acceptable portion of donations go to administration.

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  • When is a Supreme court not supreme? When it is subject to another court.
    What is the foundation stone of Justice?
    Righteous judgement ?
    Asserted human rights and perceived equalities?
    How is it that above every Judge in every court in the land has the emblem of the crown above their head.
    Yet in this supposed supreme court there is not?

    How can English law be subject to Roman law?
    How ; if all the laws of the UK (in principle) are first debated etc in and by a representative Parliament who then present it to the crown who then make it law.
    The judges uphold that law and if a person is sentenced to prison does so at Her majesties pleasure and who was first arrested by officers of the crown.

    Now if this so called Supreme court is not supreme (being above all) but subject to another . How will or can that work? It cant . Save by continual friction and or English law and all its functionaries become subject to Pax romana.

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