RJW takes on 100 mis-selling cases against banks

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  • Bully Banks announced that RJW would consider taking on IRSA claims under a CFA agreement after appraising the prospects for a fee of £2,000 plus VAT. This is considerably more than many counsel would charge for an initial advice. One wonders whether RJW will be the only lawyers present at Bully Banks' members-only conference on 30 September 2012. It would surely benefit the victims of IRSA swaps to know of all the competitive alternatives in the field of legal advice.

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  • The FSA’s response to date has been wholly inadequate -

    We have a client who complained to FSO in the early stage of the miss-selling.

    FSO threw out his case on the initial review which were 95% in favour of the banks

    After the FSA found serious miss-selling by the banks the client phoned the FSO and was told that he should write in and that they will look at his case again in the light of the FSA finding. He will not have to join the que as he was an unsophisticated customer.

    After resubmitting the case he was told that FSO cannot look at his case again as the original FSO decision was final and cannot be appealed against.

    Client asked why was he not told this before and the reply was he had to write in before they could tell him that their decision was final.

    It is obvious that complaining to the FSO is a total waste of time.

    Nihaal Singh

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