It’s been a case of good news/bad news for Irwin Mitchell this past couple of weeks.

Irwin Mitchell bubble punctured by MMR jab claim

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  • An Italian Court recently held that the MMR vaccine caused autism in an Italian child. The Italian Health Ministry did not contest the expert evidence of the Court appointed expert nor that of two other experts.

    The major difference in the Italian case is that it was based on a full medical assessment of the child including all medical records and not based on statistical studies of populations. Statistical population studies are the same kind of tobacco science used in the 1950s and 1960s to deny that smoking causes lung cancer.

    A previous Italian Court case also resulted in a decision that another child's autistic condition was caused by the MMR vaccine but was appealed and the appeal not decided until recently.

    There are another 100 cases pending with the same law firm in Italy.

    So it is inappropriate to claim a link between any vaccine and an autistic condition is discredited. That claim results from a media war waged on the matter and it is not a matter of science.

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  • I am sorry to say I agree your assertion in your final paragraph, but for very different reasons.

    The Lawyer article is wrong to say that the link is discredited, simply because the evidence presented by Andrew Wakefield was never capable of establishing a link between autism and MMR in the first place. Media hype then suggested a link were none existed.

    There is an enormous wealth of medical evidence to show that there is no link between MMR and autism - the kind of evidence on which it is scientifically correct to state that there is no link.

    Your further assertion that evidence based medicine is wrong is made without any argument to back it up; and I don't think that simply quoting the previous wrongs of tobacco firms provides an intellectual free lunch here.

    Finally, I would be interested to see how any expert has managed to conclude that a specific case of autism was caused specifically by an MMR jab. No one knows what causes autism. Quoting a single case proves nothing. Coincidence is not causation.

    Next, you will be telling me you took a homeopathic remedy for the flu and the very next day your symptoms vanished...

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