Work Life Quiz: Karen Howard, RPC

2-Dec-2013 | By Lucy Burton

What was your first-ever job? 


Peter Crisp, dean of BPP

28-Oct-2013 | By Lucy Burton

Lawyer 2B quizzes the dean and CEO of BPP Law School

Work-Life Quiz: PJ Kirby, Hardwicke Building

21-Oct-2013 | By Lucy Burton

What was your first-ever job?


Work Life Quiz: Lorna Brazell

30-Sep-2013 | By Lucy Burton

What was your first-ever job? 

Rob Day, Stephen Kon and Stuart Fuller - KWM SJB

King & Wood Mallesons SJ Berwin management answer the Work/Life quiz

5-Aug-2013 | By Yun Kriegler

SJ Berwin senior partner Stephen Kon, managing partner Rob Day and KWM global managing partner Stuart Fuller answer a few personal questions.


Work Life Quiz: Paul Herbert, Goodman Derrick

17-Jun-2013 | By Lucy Burton

What was your first ever job? 

Roy Botterill 150

Work Life Quiz: Roy Botterill, Shakespeares

28-May-2012 | Updated: 28-May-2012

Liz Wyatt 150

Work Life Quiz: Liz Wyatt, Anthony Collins

7-May-2012 | Updated: 9-May-2012

Nigel Hewitson

Work Life Quiz: Nigel Hewitson, Norton Rose

20-Feb-2012 | Updated: 20-Feb-2012

Elizabeth Cohen 150

Work Life Quiz: Liz Cohen, Bristows

6-Feb-2012 | Updated: 6-Feb-2012

Naylah Hamour 150

Work Life Q­­uiz: Naylah Hamour, Howard Kennedy

23-Jan-2012 | Updated: 23-Jan-2012

Mark Weston 150

Work Life Quiz: Mark Weston, Matthew Arnold & Baldwin

16-Jan-2012 | Updated: 16-Jan-2012

Lisa Logan

Work Life Quiz: Lisa Logan, Gateley

9-Jan-2012 | Updated: 9-Jan-2012

Matthew Duncan

Work Life Quiz: Matthew Duncan, Kingsley Napley

12-Dec-2011 | Updated: 12-Dec-2011

Richard Eaton 150

Work Life Quiz: Richard Eaton, Bird & Bird

4-Dec-2011 | Updated: 5-Dec-2011

Andrew Brecher

Work Life Quiz: Andrew Brecher, Brecher

28-Nov-2011 | Updated: 28-Nov-2011

Louise Griffiths 150

Work Life Quiz: Louise Griffiths, Stephensons

21-Nov-2011 | Updated: 21-Nov-2011

Robert Postlethwaite

Work Life Quiz: Robert Postlethwaite, Postlethwaite

14-Nov-2011 | Updated: 14-Nov-2011

Adrian Bland

Work Life Quiz: Adrian Bland, Wragge & Co

6-Nov-2011 | Updated: 7-Nov-2011


Work Life Quiz: John Cavanagh QC, 11 KBW

9-Oct-2011 | Updated: 10-Oct-2011

Will Robertson

Work Life Quiz: Will Robertson, Bond Pearce

2-Oct-2011 | Updated: 3-Oct-2011

Louis Manches

Work Life Quiz: Louis Manches, Manches


What’s the toughest thing about your job? The (luckily few) occasions when we’ve had to make people redundant.

Work Life Quiz: Richard Kenyon, Field Fisher Waterhouse


What was your first-ever job? On a small production line in our next-door neighbour’s garage, making cardboard tops for buckets of washing powder. These days it would be called child labour, but back then it was called pocket money.


Work Life Quiz: Hannah Rutterford, Kester Cunningham John

8-Aug-2011 | Updated: 8-Aug-2011

What was your first-ever job? Babysitting. When I ­accidentally dislocated a two-year-old’s elbow while swinging him around I realised this wasn’t a long-term option.


Work Life Quiz: Richard Smith, Manches

31-Jul-2011 | Updated: 1-Aug-2011

What was your first-ever job? A multi-tasking summer job in a department store in Watford involving waste collection and disposal, operating the customer lift and being a sales assistant in the linens department. I won Employee of the Month.


Work Life Quiz: Sue Wilson, Irwin Mitchell


What was your first-ever job? A lifeguard in County Sligo.

Juliette Peters 150

Work Life Quiz: Juliette Peters, Howard Kennedy


What was your first-ever job? Paralegal at Wright Webb Syrett during the ­university holidays.

Simon Jackson 150

Work Life Quiz: Simon Jackson, Shulmans

3-Jul-2011 | Updated: 4-Jul-2011

What was your first-ever job? A Saturday job working in a warehouse for BHS.


Work Life Quiz: Matthew Feargrieve, Appleby


If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? Rich.

Kate Oldfield

Work Life Quiz: Kate Oldfield, Davis Blank Furniss

19-Jun-2011 | Updated: 20-Jun-2011

What’s your favourite film? Kind Hearts and Coronets or any of the old Ealing comedies. I love the mix of humour and romanticism.  

Work Life Quiz: James Maxey, Express Solicitors


What was your first-ever job? Summer work organising a nature learning centre.

Jane Keir 150

Work Life Quiz: Jane Keir, Kingsley Napley

5-Jun-2011 | Updated: 7-Jun-2011

What was your first-ever job? Stacking cartons in a yoghurt factory.

Antony Phillips

Work Life Quiz: Antony Phillips, Field Fisher Waterhouse


What was your worst experience as a trainee? Turning up to my first completion meeting as an M&A trainee wearing a grey suit jacket and blue suit trousers. The meeting lasted all day, all night and most of the following day.

Tony Woodcock

Work Life Quiz: Tony Woodcock, Stephenson Harwood


What time do you usually leave the office? Before my associates.

Jon Vivian

Work Life Quiz: Jon Vivian, Irwin Mitchell

1-May-2011 | Updated: 3-May-2011

Where’s the best place to go to find out what’s really going on in the office? Our local pub The ­Boardroom.

Liz Dux

Work Life Quiz: Liz Dux, Russell Jones & Walker


If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been?  A newsreader.


Work Life Quiz: Mahasti Razavi, August & Debouzy


What was your first-ever job? I worked in a traditional bookstore across the street from home and would spend my days looking at dusty tomes. I loved it.

Jane Cooper

Work Life Quiz: Jane Cooper, Russell Jones & Walker

10-Apr-2011 | Updated: 11-Apr-2011

Where’s the best place to go if you want to find out what’s really going on in the office? The ladies’ toilets.

Sue Medder 150

Work Life Quiz: Sue Medder, Withers


What was your first-ever job? Making turbans and other hats for a fashion designer.

Antoine Tchekhoff

Work Life Quiz: Antoine Tchekhoff, Foucaud Tchekhoff Pochet et Associés


If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? An art or antiques dealer.

buxton 150

Work Life Quiz: Ann Buxton, Hardwicke


What was your first-ever job? Wrapping chocolates in Fortnum & Mason’s basement. It’s supposed to put you off chocolate for life but it failed.


Work Life Quiz: Richard Tinham, Winckworth Sherwood


What was your first-ever job? Shop assistant at Waitrose, where I first learnt that the customer is always right.

Work Life Quiz: Michael O’Kane, Peters & Peters

30-Jan-2011 | Updated: 31-Jan-2011

What time do you usually leave the office? Between 7pm and 8pm, but phone calls and emails can go on late into the night with US clients.

Heidi Lawson

Work Life Quiz: Heidi Lawson, Chadbourne & Parke


What was your first-ever job? I worked at a Baskin ­Robbins ice-cream shop in Florida. I ate a lot of ice-cream there.

Jane Cowley

Work Life Quiz: Jane Cowley, Howes Percival


What was your first-ever job? Selling pet food.

Adam Morallee

Work Life Quiz: Adam Morallee, Mishcon de Reya


What was your first-ever job? Working on the phones in sales for my dad’s business.

Jonathan Peacock

Work Life Quiz: Jonathan Peacock, Irwin Mitchell


What was your first-ever job? Selling vintage clothing on Portobello market.

Gillian Fairfield

Work Life Quiz: Gillian Fairfield, Herbert Smith


What was your first-ever job? Kitchen assistant in a seafood restaurant. Now that was stressful.

Davina Garrod

Work Life Quiz: Davina Garrod, Bingham McCutchen

5-Dec-2010 | Updated: 6-Dec-2010

What was your first-ever job? Lifeguard. I developed a quality tan.

Work Life Quiz: Deepak Nambisan, Fountain Court

14-Nov-2010 | Updated: 15-Nov-2010

What was your first-ever job? Outdoor clerk for a high street law firm, being paid £50 a week.

Jason Lewis

Work Life Quiz: Jason Lewis, Howard Kennedy

7-Nov-2010 | Updated: 8-Nov-2010

What was your first-ever job? Working for European Leisure, a nightclub company that owned such famous venues as the Camden Palace and ­the Hippodrome.

Andrew Wass

Work Life Quiz: Andrew Wass, Withers

31-Oct-2010 | Updated: 1-Nov-2010

What was your first-ever job? Postman in Sydney.


Work Life Quiz: John Marshall, Russell Jones & Walker


What was your first-ever job? Working in a dairy making cheese.

Iain Christopher Donaldson

Work Life Quiz: Iain Christopher Donaldson, Matthew Arnold & Baldwin


?What was your first ever job?Delivering milk at the age of 11.

John Machell

Work Life Quiz: John Machell, Serle Court

10-Oct-2010 | Updated: 12-Oct-2010

What was your first ever job?Saturday job in a sports shop. My best friend and I were nearly sacked when we dressed up in ski gear, stood in the ­window pretending to be ­mannequins and made small children jump.

Anthony Sakrouge

Work Life Quiz: Anthony Sakrouge, Russell-Cooke

26-Sep-2010 | Updated: 27-Sep-2010

What do you do at weekends? Relax with my wife and children.


Work Life Quiz: Steen Rosenfalck, Miller Rosenfalck


What’s your favourite ­restaurant? Viet Ho, off Kingsland Road in Dalston.

Gavin 150

Work Life Quiz: Gavin Wakefield, Technology Law Alliance


If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? A vet.

Brie (Michelle) Stevens-Hoare

Work Life Quiz: Brie Stevens-Hoare, Hardwicke

15-Aug-2010 | Updated: 16-Aug-2010

What’s your favourite film? I’m torn between Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd and Love Actually.


Work Life Quiz: Barry Russell, Bingham McCutcheon


What was your first-ever job? Working for a vending machine company during summer vacations.

Juan Carlos Machuca

Work Life Quiz: Juan Carlos Machuca, Uría Menéndez


What time do you usually leave the office? It’s always dark outside.

Clive Seddon

Work Life Quiz: Clive Seddon, Pinsent Masons


What’s your favourite film? Excalibur, directed by John Boorman.

Carlos De Los Santos

Work Life Quiz: Carlos de los Santos, Garrigues


What do you do at weekends? I try to do anything but work.

Dick Tyler

Work Life Quiz: Dick Tyler, CMS


If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you have been? A sports journalist.

Mark Abell

Work Life Quiz: Mark Abell, Field Fisher Waterhouse


If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you have been? A rock god.

Nicole Paradise

Work Life Quiz: Nicole Paradise, Nabarro

27-Jun-2010 | Updated: 28-Jun-2010

What’s your favourite ­restaurant? Cecconis in Mayfair.

Nigel Clark

Work Life Quiz: Nigel Clark, Minter Ellison

20-Jun-2010 | Updated: 21-Jun-2010

What was the first record you ever bought? Fantastic by Wham.


Work Life Quiz: Patrick Somers, Berwin Leighton Paisner

13-Jun-2010 | Updated: 14-Jun-2010

What was your first-ever job? Hotel porter.


Work Life Quiz: Jo Keddie, Winckworth Sherwood


?What was your first-ever job? Hay baling (aged eight). The national minimum wage didn’t apply but my Post Office account started growing.

Colm Nugent

Work Life Quiz: Colm Nugent, Hardwicke

31-May-2010 | Updated: 2-Jun-2010

What’s your favourite film? I have two favourite films: Back to the Future and The Commitments.

Anton Balkitis

Work Life Quiz: Anton Balkitis, Rothera Dowson Solicitors

16-May-2010 | Updated: 17-May-2010

Where’s the best place to go if you want to find out what’s really going on in the office? My office is right next to our boardroom and the kitchen. I have both bugged and our ­receptionists are open to bribes.

Philip Sinel

Work Life Quiz: Philip Sinel, Sinels

9-May-2010 | Updated: 10-May-2010

If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? A spook.

Kit O'Brien

Work Life Quiz: Kit O’Brien, Pardoes Solicitors


What was your first-ever job? Collecting eggs on a ­battery egg farm. It put me off canned chicken soup forever.

Seamus Smyth 1

Work Life Quiz: Seamus Smyth, Carter Lemon Camerons

25-Apr-2010 | Updated: 26-Apr-2010

What was your first-ever job? Schoolteacher.

Mark Soundy

Work Life Quiz: Mark Soundy, Weil Gotshal & Manges

18-Apr-2010 | Updated: 20-Apr-2010

If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? A (failed) pop star, or possibly a (really bad/sad) DJ.

James Furber

Work Life Quiz: James Furber, Farrer & Co


What do you do at weekends? Errands, cooking and golf.

Gary Howes

Work Life Quiz: Gary Howes, Fasken Martineau

4-Apr-2010 | Updated: 6-Apr-2010 | By Matt Byrne

Where’s the best place to go if you want to find out what’s really going on in the office? If I find it, I’ll let you know.

Catherine Gannon

Work Life Quiz: Catherine Gannon, Gannons Solicitors

21-Mar-2010 | Updated: 22-Mar-2010 | By Matt Byrne

What time do you usually leave the office? As soon as I can.

Edward Wanambwa

Work Life Quiz: Edward Wanambwa, CM Murray

14-Mar-2010 | Updated: 15-Mar-2010 | By Matt Byrne

What do you do at weekends? Walk the dog, see a film, go to a jazz gig, plan the next holiday – nothing too exciting.

Andrew Pena

Work Life Quiz: Andrew Pena, Cubism Law

7-Mar-2010 | Updated: 9-Mar-2010

What was your first-ever job? Working as an auxiliary nurse in a mental hospital.

John Davies

Work Life Quiz: John Davies, Thring Townsend Lee & Pembertons

28-Feb-2010 | Updated: 1-Mar-2010

What’s your favourite ­restaurant? The Vine Tree in Foxley.

Denise Loney

Work Life Quiz: Denise Loney, Optima Legal

21-Feb-2010 | Updated: 22-Feb-2010

 If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? A singer, a chef or a ­hairdresser to the stars.

Rachel Hutton

Work Life Quiz: Rachel Hutton, Optima Legal

14-Feb-2010 | Updated: 16-Feb-2010

If you were stranded on a desert island, what two ­luxury items would you take? My iPod and suntan lotion.

Peter Crowther

Work Life Quiz: Peter Crowther, Dewey & LeBoeuf

7-Feb-2010 | Updated: 8-Feb-2010

What do you do at weekends? Try to be a full-time family member.

Griffiths D 150

Work Life Quiz: Dominic Griffiths, Mayer Brown

31-Jan-2010 | Updated: 1-Feb-2010

What time do you usually leave the office? Between 8pm and 9pm if I’m lucky.

Mary Mackintosh

Work Life Quiz: Mary Mackintosh, Freeth Cartwright

24-Jan-2010 | Updated: 25-Jan-2010

Where’s the best place to go if you want to find out what’s really going on in the office? Who cares?

Work Life Quiz: David Robinson, Forsters


If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? An unproductive ­academic.

Ian Brent

Work Life Quiz: Ian Brent, Davies Arnold Cooper

3-Jan-2010 | Updated: 4-Jan-2010

What was your first-ever job? - Greengrocer’s assistant.

Peter Edwards

Work Life Quiz: Peter Edwards, Capsticks

13-Dec-2009 | Updated: 14-Dec-2009

What is your favourite film? Reservoir Dogs.

Mark Holah

Work Life Quiz: Mark Holah, Field Fisher Waterhouse

29-Nov-2009 | Updated: 30-Nov-2009

If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been?A rock star.

Catherine Hallam

Work Life Quiz: Catherine Hallam, Burges Salmon

22-Nov-2009 | Updated: 23-Nov-2009

What’s your favourite film?Local Hero.

Guy Heath

Work Life Quiz: Guy Heath, Nabarro

15-Nov-2009 | Updated: 16-Nov-2009

What book are you reading?  Epitaph For A Spy by Eric Ambler.

Work Life Quiz: David Stewart, Olswang

8-Nov-2009 | Updated: 9-Nov-2009

What was your first-ever job? An usher at the Putney ABC Cinema.

Philip Rainey

Work Life Quiz: Philip Rainey, Tanfield Chambers


What’s your favourite film? Blade Runner.

Duncan Lamont

Work Life Quiz: Duncan Lamont, Charles Russell

18-Oct-2009 | Updated: 19-Oct-2009

What’s your favourite film?Anything in 3D served up with popcorn.

Lesley Browning

Work Life Quiz: Lesley Browning, Norton Rose

11-Oct-2009 | Updated: 14-Oct-2009

What car do you drive? As it took me seven times to pass my test, my family rarely let me drive. I think we have an Audi A3.

Nicola Mumford

Work Life Quiz: Nicola Mumford, Wragge & Co

4-Oct-2009 | Updated: 14-Oct-2009

What’s your favourite film? Pretty Woman.

Bertie Hoskyns-Abrahall

Work Life Quiz: Bertie Hoskyns-Abrahall, Withers


What’s the toughest thing about your job?I can’t have a dog in the office.

Andrei Baev

Work Life Quiz: Andrei Baev, Allen & Overy


What’s your favourite film?Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time in America.

Nick Davis

Work Life Quiz: Nick Davis, Mishcon de Reya

13-Sep-2009 | Updated: 14-Sep-2009

If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been?I would have liked to have gone to film school, so a film producer/director.

Ann Harrison

Work Life Quiz: Ann Harrison, Stephensons Solicitors


Who is your hero and why? My husband, for putting up with me.

Ilya Nikiforov

Work Life Quiz: Ilya Nikiforov, Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners

31-Aug-2009 | Updated: 1-Sep-2009

What was your first-ever job?A summer job fixing wooden boxes at a greenhouse compound. I was given a lesson in work ethics by being reprimanded for working too intensively.

Anthony Markham

Work Life Quiz: Anthony Markham, Maitland


Who’s your hero and why?Nelson Mandela, for his selfless leadership at a ­crucial time in South Africa’s history.

Robin Jackson

Work Life Quiz: Robin Jackson, Doughty Street Chambers

2-Aug-2009 | Updated: 3-Aug-2009

Who would you least like to be stuck in a lift with and why?Anyone who can’t fix it.

Steven Fox

Work Life Quiz: Steven Fox, Ashurst

26-Jul-2009 | Updated: 27-Jul-2009

What was your first-ever job?I was the junior member and the only man in a large team of women slicing bacon in a meat factory in Wakefield, West Yorks.  I learned everything you need to know about life during that period - as well as more jokes about pork than I’d care to remember.

Peter Talibart

Work Life Quiz: Peter Talibart, Norton Rose


If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been? A professor of history or a rugby player.

Ian Beardmore

Work Life Quiz: Ian Beardmore, Flint Bishop Solicitors


If a movie was being made about your life, which actor would play you and why?Brad Pitt. It’s obvious.

Helen Willett

Work Life Quiz: Helen Willett, SJ Berwin


?What was your first-ever job?Working in the local dry cleaners.

Shefali Talukdar

Work Life Quiz: Shefali Talukdar, Clough & Willis

28-Jun-2009 | Updated: 29-Jun-2009

What do you do at weekends? Cook, eat, read, general pampering and being a taxi service for my teenage daughter.

andrew owen 150

Work Life Quiz: Andrew Owen, Leo Abse & Cohen


Where’s the best place to go if youwant to find out what’s really going on in the office?To see the accounts girls.

Andrew Manning

Work Life Quiz: Andrew Manning, Bevan Brittan

14-Jun-2009 | Updated: 15-Jun-2009

If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been?I’m not a lawyer and am thankful for small mercies.

Steven Hodkinson

Work Life Quiz: Steven Hodkinson, Umbro International

7-Jun-2009 | Updated: 8-Jun-2009

If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you have been?I’d like to say rock guitarist or rugby player, but in ­reality a policeman.

Work Life Quiz: Marc Hanson, Berwin Leighton Paisner

31-May-2009 | Updated: 1-Jun-2009

What was your first-ever job?After leaving school I worked as an intern with the Ordnance Survey. I spent my time helping prepare coroners’ plans of fatal motoring accidents on the North Circular.

Gerard Khoshnaw

Work Life Quiz: Gerard Khoshnaw, Nabarro


If you weren’t a lawyer what would you have been?A male version of Kate Adie.

paul johnson kingschambers

Work Life Quiz: Paul Johnson, Kings Chambers

26-Apr-2009 | Updated: 27-Apr-2009

Work Life Quiz: Kamal Rahman, Mishcon de Reya


What was your first-ever job?Doing admin work in a high street legal practice.

Work Life Quiz: Victor Tettmar, Bond Pearce


What was your first-ever job?Sales assistant at Tuppens for Toys - a fantastic toy shop just off Shirley High Street in Southampton.


Ashurst to axe up to 17 support staff in outsourcing drive

8-Aug-2014 | By Natalie Stanton

Ashurst plans to cut its out-of-hours support staff base by half, in a move intended to improve efficiency.


Parabis reviews future of Bristol and Colchester offices, affecting 41 staff

4-Aug-2014 | By Joanne Harris

Parabis has begun a consultation affecting some 41 staff over the future of its Bristol and Colchester offices.

Peter Jackson

Hill Dickinson puts 39 jobs into consultation

21-Jul-2014 | By Hannah Gannagé-Stewart

Hill Dickinson has placed 39 roles within its counter fraud group at risk of redundancy, with the positions now subject to a 30-day consultation period that began yesterday (21 July). 

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