Legal harmony Linklaters choir 1

Legal Harmony 2015: the Linklaters choir


The Linklaters Choir, established in 2013, is an inclusive, non auditioned choir which everybody is welcome to join, there are no restrictions on membership on the basis of singing, musical ability or choir experience.

Legal harmony KWM choir 3

Legal Harmony 2015: the KWM choir


The King and Wood Mallesons choir or KWM choir has gone through many changes and transformations in the last four years.


Legal Harmony 2015: The Essex Court choir


The story behind the formation of the Essex Court Choir begins at a dinner for Gordon Pollock QC in February 2014, held to commemorate his 20 years’ service as head of chambers.


Legal Harmony 2015: 9-12 Bell Yard choir


Happening upon an article about Legal Harmony, Ra Healy QC gently enquired of David Smith whether it was too late to get involved – no it was not, there was one space left – and the chaotic and eclectic mix that was to become the Bell Yard Clangers was born.