We need to talk about mental health

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  • And yet bullying at some of the big 4 accountants is substantially worse than even at law firms.

    Sadly mental health issues will not be accepted by law firms, who are really just money factories seeking constant improvement to increase the effectiveness (ergo - squeeze ever more out of those that join the profession). Any sign of weakness or frailty is really a problem they can't be bothered with and this is all just window dressing to tick a compliance box.

    Next you'll be telling me they WILLINGLY take on working class people (and that the A-level entrants wont be looked down on), and that non-white applicants really do get a fair crack.

    I can confirm that this is a horrible, sick, closed shop which wants to perpetuate the hockey/cricket/rugby playing, blue-eyed blonde ranks.

    A profession in which I dare not speak that I come from a working class background, attended a terrible comprehensive in a sink estate, struggled every moment at university to fit in with a raft of fellow students who were given more as an allowance than my parents earned COMBINED.

    A profession in which not one firm I worked at cared that I had picked up mental frailties through this double life (having to pretend to be someone I am not - ultimately someone I despised), leading to severe depression which only got treated after I was fired for not being able to handle the workload because I was depressed. And beasted verbally by fellow professionals who saw some kind of ritual in beasting others to avoid the focus being on them.

    Forgive me if I think this is all rubbish perpetuated to make them seem acceptable. Female lawyers are seen as conscientious and precise, gay ones as hard working - keep them happy. Make sure you get a few non-white lawyers so you can get government work and you can impress clients in the Middle East.

    Mental illness.. well there is no business case for them... just make it look good and we can manage them out in the mean time.

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