Travers and ex-trainee reach financial settlement on pregnancy discrimination case

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  • If these comments are right (I hope they're not) that other firms will be reluctant to employ this solicitor in future, that only makes makes Travers' actions worse and I hope that is reflected in the settlement!

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  • I commend this young lady for having the tenacity and courage to bring this action. Qualities, no doubt, that any progressive-thinking employer would find attractive. The few negative comments on here are from a vocal but thankfully small and outmoded minority.

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  • By pursuing a financial settlement against Travers Smith, it brings into question what the plaintiffs motives were. Is a moral victory not sufficient? Ms Tantum's actions have damaged the real progress the legal sector has made in tackling discrimination and promoting equality in the workplace. (female contributor)

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  • @Anonymous 3:31

    Shame on you. Who doesn't enjoy a spot of lack of fore thought after a long and stressful day in the office!

    (2nd Male city lawyer)

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  • @Anonymous 2:34pm

    What an earth are you talking about? The tribunal found in her favour and awarded her damages (the amount to be set at a later date, but both sides had the good sense to come to an agreement in advance of that hearing). Was she seriously expected to then waive this entitlement out of the goodness of her heart? Is that what you would have done? Don't be silly.

    The rest of your post would, frankly, be laughable if it did not reflect the outdated attitudes that still exist in parts of the profession.

    Oh, and it's "claimant", not "plaintiff".

    (male contributor, not that this is of any relevance!)

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  • If settlement amount is £X and claimants legal fees were £Y, suggested (smart) approach to ensure continued good employment prospects:

    1. claimant should pay £X - £Y to a women's charity of her choosing (so no personal gain and looks like was never in it for the money)

    2. claimant should publicly challenge Travers to pay triple that amount to same charity (by way of reputation restoration and acceptance of culpability)

    3. big law firms will (or certainly should) respect/applaud claimant's conduct and shower her with lucrative offers

    4. if all else fails, claimant would be welcomed as in house counsel at said charity.

    good luck to all concerned.

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  • Thank you, Anonymous at 5:53, for putting the absurd comments of Anonymous at 3:31 in their place.

    I cannot understand how people are still criticising this trainee after all she has been though - and she won her case on a very clear basis!

    I hope that she is able to get a good job doing litigation, if that is what she wishes to do. If law firms don't give her a job because she took this case against her previous employer, that would be a retrograde step.

    (Not that it matters, but another male lawyer commenting here)

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  • The partners concerned should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

    Travers will not live this down for some time.

    As a partner at a magic circle firm, I assure you, an application from a candidate of this resolve, who has evidently shown real courage and tenacity, would extremely welcomed here; it would certainly be something to discuss at interview re: describe how you have dealt with a set back!

    Let it be a lesson to other partners - live by your firm's values, or accept the fall out!

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  • I would say this solicitor will now have an excellent career working in a high street law firm. I couldn't possibly imagine any city firm hiring her now.

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  • @ Anonymous | 10-Jun-2013 11:38 am - I'm crossing my fingers that you can find some way to identify your firm to Ms Tantum so she can throw her hat in the ring, if that is the type of firm where she would like to work.

    Absolutely staggered at some of the idiotic comments here about her supposed motive. Perhaps she simply wished to uphold her right not to be discriminated against in the workplace because she was pregnant?

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