Eversheds wins role on Leveson's phone-hacking inquiry

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  • The MPOC seems like a helpful addition as a Core Participant, but I think you should also do a story on why the victims' have had a change in solicitor and why it did not include a much needed change in barrister.
    The whole situation around victim Core Participants is strange indeed. Half of them have not participated in the Inquiry in any way. I sought to become a victim Core Participant after being defamed and libeled across the British press, but Lord Justice Leveson denied me. I sought Judicial Review and that was denied me, though Lord Justice Moses agreed that I had a lot to contribute about the press with Mr. Justice Singh concurring. I am taking this to the Court of Appeal.
    David Sherborne, counsel to the victims, said at last Wednesday's Directions hearing for Module 2 that he wanted to continue with the same group of victim Core Participants. No questions from Lord Justice Leveson. Something strange is going on. Whomever David Sherborne wants as a Core Participant, irrespective of their relevance and contribution, he gets.
    Could my being refusal Core Participant status have anything to do with the fact that David Sherborne has been my direct opponent for many years in libel litigation involving The Daily Mail? Seems ever so likely by the day. I was the Claimant and he was representing one of my defendants, Bruno Schroder of Schroders, who gave a quote to The Daily Mail that I say was very libellous of me. Easy to prove in fact with a court order.
    The outcome of the claim was that David Sherborne, beacon of press wrongdoing at Leveson, got my claim against his client, Bruno Schroder, stayed for costs of £25,000, costs originating from another claim. He then got it struck out in my absence while I was in Massachusetts.
    My claim against The Daily Mail is also currently stayed for costs, part of which were to be assessed. Soon after these orders were made, I won't say by whom, I suffered a severe concussion after reading The White Book in Kensington Library and was unable to appeal the orders at the time. Leveson does not want to know.

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