NCTM appoints new co-ordinators to 12 departments

NCTM Studio Legale Associato has been reorganising the leadership positions for its departments, resulting in new co-ordinators for its 12 departments, with Vittorio Noseda as the overall leader.

Details of the current co-ordinators are as follows: 

  • Giuliano Berruti for administrative law and European public law
  • Lorenzo Attolico for intellectual property and international trade and customs
  • Luca Toffoletti for competition and antitrust
  • Stefano Padovani for banking and finance
  • Paolo Gallarati for corporate and commercial
  • Alberto Toffoletto for dispute resolution and arbitration
  • Federico Manili for energy law
  • Paolo Montironi for mergers and acquisitions
  • Luigi Croce for real estate
  • Michele Bignami for employment and labour relations
  • Alberto Toffoletto for capital markets
  • Guido Fauda for restructuring and turnaround
  • Federico Trutalli for tax

Vittorio Noseda, a member of the NCTM executive committee, has been appointed as the overall co-ordinator of all departments.

Sante Ricci, also a member of the executive committee, will co-ordinate business development in support of the work of the departments.