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  • Site visits and the art of propertology weblink

    Briefings | 27 August 2013

    Propertology is the study of all things property related. There is no land registry in Guernsey, so we need to consider the title and any plans not only of the target property but also that of every neighbour.

  • Taking title to real estate in the Cayman Islands weblink

    Briefings | 12 July 2013

    Before purchasing real estate in the Cayman Islands, very careful consideration should be given as to how to take title to the real estate to be purchased.

  • Control of Housing and Work (Jersey) Law 2012 now in force weblink

    Briefings | 2 July 2013

    The Control of Housing & Work (Jersey) Law 2012, which has been in discussion for many years, came into force on 1 July 2013.

  • Biodiversity: Do you know who's living in your garden? weblink

    Briefings | 6 February 2013

    There are so many things to consider when embarking upon a development project, or even an extension or alteration of your home or garden space, you might be forgiven for not immediately considering the impact that your plans might have on the flora and fauna dependent on your land.

  • Asbestos — your responsibility in the Channel Islands weblink

    Briefings | 6 February 2013

    The mere mention of asbestos can set alarm bells ringing for any person with an interest in property, whether that is as a landlord, tenant, managing agent or owner.

  • Channel Islands: Stop before you set up shop weblink

    Briefings | 6 February 2013

    Mourant Ozannes looks at the main issues for a retailer to consider when taking on a lease in Guernsey and Jersey.