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  • Renewable and alternative energy companies competing for the US Army’s $7bn contract weblink

    Briefings | 9 July 2012

    Renewable and alternative energy (RAE) companies will throw their hats into a rich, but potentially risky, ring for an opportunity to contract with the US Army beginning at the end of September 2012.

  • The federal banking agencies’ regulatory capital proposals — a summary weblink

    Briefings | 13 June 2012

    On 12 June 2012, the Federal banking agencies formally proposed for comment, in three separate but related proposals, significant changes to the US regulatory capital framework.

  • The Euro odyssey: an epic journey or a Greek tragedy in the making? weblink

    Briefings | 11 June 2012

    The future of the European single currency stands precariously balanced. While hoping for the best outcome, prudent financial planning requires businesses to at least consider once unthinkable thoughts about the possible withdrawal of one or more member states from the single currency or even its demise altogether.

  • Extraterritoriality: the Volcker Rule weblink

    Briefings | 11 June 2012

    As the US bank regulatory agencies continue their efforts to implement the Volcker Rule under increasing political pressure to stiffen the Rule’s requirements, it is worth revisiting how the Rule, in its current proposed form, might affect non-U.S. banks and their activities even outside the US.

  • Wall-crossing in Hong Kong: risk management issues weblink

    Briefings | 6 June 2012

    In the UK, there has recently been significant media coverage of market abuse in the context of “wall-crossing”, the process by which a securities offering is selectively pre-marketed to potential investors before the deal is publicly announced.

  • Should we all be getting the Twitter 'jitters'? weblink

    Briefings | 31 May 2012

    History is littered with examples of the law being slow to catch up with the use of technology. Social media is no exception.

  • The federal banking agencies’ regulatory capital proposals weblink

    Briefings | 28 May 2012

    On 12 June 2012, the federal banking agencies (the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) formally proposed for comment, in a series of three separate but related proposals, substantial revisions to the US regulatory capital regimen for banking organisations that, if adopted, will have a significant impact on the US banking industry.

  • Corporate websites: be careful who you’re linking with weblink

    Briefings | 25 May 2012

    The English High Court has opened up the possibility that, even if a website is not itself defamatory, if it hyperlinks to a different website which is defamatory, the operator of the originating website could still be liable for alleged defamatory postings on the hyperlinked website.

  • SFC looks to enhance the regulation of sponsors in Hong Kong weblink

    Briefings | 10 May 2012

    Against a background where Hong Kong has been the world’s leading IPO center for the third year in a row, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has published its much-anticipated consultation paper on the regulation of sponsors.

  • Snapshot of China real estate market 2012 weblink

    Briefings | 2 May 2012

    For China’s real estate sector, the last 18 months has been a relatively quiet period on the legislative front.

  • SEC accuses fund directors of breaching their valuation duties weblink

    Briefings | 2 January 2012

    In a case involving fair valuation of structured notes, the SEC signaled that when investment company fund boards delegate the responsibility to fair value portfolio securities, they must provide “meaningful substantive guidance” and continuously review the appropriateness of valuation methodologies.

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