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  • Doing business in Europe: top 10 labour law issues weblink

    Briefings | 30 November 2012

    In this article we list the top ten labour law issues employers operating in Europe need to understand in order to avoid employment disputes, litigation and disruption to their businesses.

  • ISS and Glass Lewis release 2013 voting guideline updates weblink

    Briefings | 20 November 2012

    The proxy advisory firms Glass Lewis & Co. and Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. recently released the 2013 updates to their US proxy voting guidelines.

  • Direct contributions of equity interests as registered capital in China weblink

    Briefings | 16 November 2012

    On 21 September 2012, the Ministry of Commerce promulgated the Interim Provisions of the Ministry of Commerce for Equity Contribution in Relation to Foreign-Invested Enterprises, effective as of 22 October 2012.

  • Amendment to Japanese investment management tegulations in response to AIJ incident weblink

    Briefings | 15 November 2012

    On 12 October 2012, in response to the recent AIJ scandal, the Financial Services Agency of Japan  published a draft amendment to certain rules intended to revamp the regulation and supervision of discretionary advisory businesses.

  • The acquisition of control of a US public company weblink

    Briefings | 13 November 2012

    An acquisition of any US corporation involves numerous legal and business issues.

  • Money market funds: FSOC proposes reforms weblink

    Briefings | 13 November 2012

    This afternoon, 13 November 2012, the Financial Stability Oversight Council, faced with a Securities and Exchange Commission that has been deadlocked over whether or how to address concerns about money market funds, voted unanimously to propose three MMF reforms.

  • Stress testing and capital planning: Federal Reserve issues guidance for 2013 cycle weblink

    Briefings | 9 November 2012

    Today the Federal Reserve Board issued instructions and guidelines for two 2013 stress testing and capital planning programs, each of which builds on similar programmes from last year.

  • Regulatory capital: 1 January 2013 deadline eased weblink

    Briefings | 9 November 2012

    This morning, the three federal bank regulatory agencies announced that their proposed new capital rules based on Basel III (and other Basel standards) would not take effect on 1 January 2013, a date previously proposed apparently in order to adhere to international consensus.

  • ESMA’s technical standards for EMIR weblink

    Briefings | 9 November 2012

    The European Market Infrastructure Regulation, which came into force on 16 August 2012, created a new framework with the aim of introducing greater transparency and risk management mechanisms to the over the counter derivatives market in Europe.

  • Europe offers incentives to cloud computing growth weblink

    Briefings | 6 November 2012

    The European Commission has issued a Communication setting out a road map for the future growth of cloud computing in Europe.