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  • Covering off the risk of a departing employee download

    Briefings | 22 August 2013

    Romero Insurance Brokers v Templeton Ltd provides a recent example of the successful use of restrictive covenants in the insurance industry.

  • Retail customer: consumer by another name download

    Briefings | 22 August 2013

    In Bate v Aviva Insurance UK Limited the court considered the rejection of a claim brought by an insurance industry loss assessor under a domestic buildings and contents insurance policy.

  • Access to affordable flood cover download

    Briefings | 22 August 2013

    Earlier this year we reported on the Statement of Principles, an agreement between the government and the ABI that ensured that homeowners and small businesses had access to affordable flood cover.

  • Code of conduct for brokers: a bumpy code ahead? download

    Briefings | 22 August 2013

    Mills & Reeves looks at the proposed introduction of a code of conduct for brokers and what it will really mean for the brokers’ market.

  • Mulling over the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 download

    Briefings | 22 August 2013

    The Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012 (CIDRA) came into force in April 2013. It impacts on any insurer or broker dealing with consumer/personal insurance.

  • TUPE transfer: employed immediately before the transfer? download

    Briefings | 21 August 2013

    In the recent case of Bangura v Southern Cross Healthcare Group Plc, the cconsidered the question of whether an employee could be protected by Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment).

  • Significant amendments to whistleblowing legislation enacted into law download

    Briefings | 21 August 2013

    Whistleblowing has been a hot topic in the NHS. The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 will make significant changes to our whistleblowing legislation.

  • Radical changes to provider quality obligations download

    Briefings | 21 August 2013

    NHS England is proposing a root-and-branch overhaul of the incentives, rewards and sanctions currently imposed on providers of NHS services under the NHS Standard Contract.

  • Privatising Plasma? download

    Briefings | 21 August 2013

    US private equity firm Bain Capital has recently acquired an 80 per cent stake in blood products company Plasma Resources UK for £230m.

  • NHS hospitals expanding their private work download

    Briefings | 21 August 2013

    A recent survey by the British Medical Journal of 134 acute hospital NHS trusts has found that 21 of those trusts have recently introduced private, or ‘self-funded’ services.

  • Supreme Court confirms order in which insurance losses should be prioritised download

    Briefings | 9 August 2013

    Losses under a programme of excess liability insurance are sometimes prioritised in order to maximise the potential insurance recoveries under the programme.

  • Health Legal Update — August 2013 download

    Briefings | 6 August 2013

    The August 2013 issue of Mills & Reeve’s Health Legal Update is available now.

  • Assisted suicide/euthanasia — Court of Appeal view download

    Briefings | 1 August 2013

    Almost a year ago the High Court handed down judgment in the cases of Tony Nicklinson and ‘Martin’. The two men were seeking clarification of the law relating to euthanasia and assisted suicide.