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  • Another fine mess — Mitchell, CPR 3.10 and the service rules download

    Briefings | 1 April 2014

    In Integral Petroleum SA v SCC-Finanz AG, late service of particulars of claim to an email address not authorised for service was treated as valid under CPR 3.10.

  • Doctors and social media download

    Briefings | 21 January 2014

    A number of calls are taken each year from doctors and other clinical professionals reporting that damaging information has been published about them.

  • Review of 2013: a claims handling perspective download

    Briefings | 21 January 2014

    This article examines some of the different types of claim or medico-legal query Mills & Reeve received in its Claims Handling Unit or out-of-hours service during 2013.

  • Contractual disputes in sport download

    Briefings | 20 January 2014

    There can be, and often are, disputes between clubs and players regarding the ‘extra’ contractual clauses that are often inserted into contracts.

  • Football insolvency download

    Briefings | 20 January 2014

    The realities are that in any football insolvency the creditors (including the players) lose out and the players involved are usually at the lower-level clubs.

  • Match fixing download

    Briefings | 20 January 2014

    Match-fixing cases tend to be messy. They can result in three (possibly four) sets of legal proceedings all running at once.

  • Pre-contracts in football download

    Briefings | 20 January 2014

    It is common practice for clubs to ask players to enter into pre-contract agreements. However, are such agreements enforceable?

  • Right to work for sportspeople? download

    Briefings | 20 January 2014

    It is not uncommon for sportspeople to find themselves being ‘benched’ for reasons other than their on-field performance or their off-field behaviour.

  • The great doping debate in sport download

    Briefings | 20 January 2014

    New research suggests that athletes using steroids for only a short period could gain an unfair advantage over ‘clean’ competitors for up to 10 years.

  • Charities — when can independence be questioned? download

    Briefings | 19 December 2013

    The BBC case serves to highlight the importance of a charity’s independence.

  • The players in the game of football insolvency download

    Briefings | 17 December 2013

    Not many people shed a tear for the players when a club goes into administration. But the players involved in the majority of cases are at the lower level clubs.

  • A ‘need’ for golf courses download

    Briefings | 12 September 2013

    The case of R (oao Cherkeley Campaign Limited) v Mole Valley DC and Anr is a very interesting read and provides a useful source of guidance on the meaning of ‘need’.

  • Blackburn Rovers, the £2.25m 'admission' and the overriding objective weblink

    Briefings | 10 May 2013

    Henning Berg’s recent ‘win’ in claiming £2.25m compensation from Blackburn Rovers was a concerning insight into corporate governance within that club.