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  • Attributes of a terrorist leader

    What next? Praising Harold Shipman for his efficiency (but not attitudes to vulnerable patients); admiring Goebbels communications skills (but not his political views). There is a fine line although Mr Wachtel feels he is able to make a distinction.

    For more information on Hassan Nasrallah who he admires check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hassan_Nasrallah

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  • Work/Life/IQ Level?

    Mr Wachtel states that his "hero" is the leader of a terrorist organisation. If I was his client, I would be questioning whether to take my business to one of his many less ignorant competitors. I hope Mr Wachtel is not involved in Watson Farley & Williams' pro bono fund-raising initiatives.

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  • Never ever employing WFW again

    I can not believe what i have just read. One of the partners of WFW has said in a public forum that his hero is Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. Does he not realize that Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation and might as well state that he also supports Bin Ladden. As a now former client ( I will never darken their door again, as of today ) i can tell you that i have never been so ashamed to have associated the company i work for with WFW.

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  • Michael Wachtel and Hassan Nasrallah

    I conclude that Mr Wachtel completed this questionnaire after his 48 hours without sleep. Like other commenters, I am amazed that an apparently intelligent man would choose Nasrallah as a 'hero', and this seems the most charitable justification. Otherwise I would be forced to conclude that Mr Wachtel is either a moral imbecile or a childish sensation-seeker - or making a pitch for business from Palestinians.

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  • Mr Wachtel

    It appears that the fumes from the oil and gas which Mr Wachtel has breathed in over the years has contributed to his warped and twisted sense of moral right and wrong. I am more suprised that The Lawyer failed to edit this article properly and published this dangerous tripe. For this reason I have today cancelled my subscription and ask my fellow lawyers to do the same. Mr Wachtel is a persona non grata. WFW is likely to have client defections from this outburst.

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    thing is, a lot of assignments come from islamic people. i wonder whether anyone realises how much arab money there is in the UK. aresenal, barclays...the list is long. they have a lot of influence and i do not think WFW's head of -->OIL AND GAS<--- makes such statements without deliberation. if he likes people who stand up to stronger adversaries he might as well choose a footie team.

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  • wachtel overreaction

    Are not those Israelis who blew up British soldiers trying to keep the peace, regarded as heroes in Israel?

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  • Anti-semitic terrorist as a hero

    I echo the disgust at Mr Watchel’s remark expressed by others above.

    Perhaps Mr Wachtel wants to reconsider whether an anti-semitic terrorist such as Nasrallah is really his hero?

    And given that Nasrallah is a political ideologue, Mr Wachtel saying that he takes this view not because of Nasrallah’s politics or ideology makes little sense.

    We can all admire people who refuse to be intimidated by a much stronger foe and win, but surely Mr Watchel could think of a hero with these qualities who is not responsible for killing innocent people?

    No doubt, Mr Wachtel's partners and colleagues at Watson Farley & Williams will want to distance themselves from Mr Wachtel’s views. If I was a client of WFW, I would also want to distance myself from Mr Wachtel.

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  • Please note

    Please note as an adjunct to this debate, that 'anti-Israel' is not the same as 'anti-Jewish'.

    I strongly oppose a large number of Israeli policies and think that it is a state founded on the basis of religious ideology, not law, but have several Jewish friends and would be appalled if someone thought I was an anti-Semite.

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  • Big mouth, small brain

    It seems like the very bright Mr Wachtel thinks that the result of the last war in Lebanon was the same as David slaying Goliath and that's why, when faced with being able to choose anyone from history as a hero, he admires their leader so much.

    Putting aside what this choice says about him, his moral values and his inability to see the harm that he has caused his own firm, his intellectual abilities have now been shown up as well.

    Maybe he should ask the residents of Northern Israel who "won" the war? Do they now have to sleep in shelters every night as they were before the war? No.

    Are there rockets being fired into Israel from Lebanon? No.

    Did Hezbollah come to the aid of the their fellow Iranian backed Islamisists in Gaza, as expected by both Hamas and Israel? Apparently not.

    So, it would be interesting to see his definition of this great Hezbollah victory.

    He, has proved that he is intellectually stupid, has set back relationships internally and will have caused clients and potential clients to turn away from the firm.

    And every time that someone now googles his name, they will be reminded of this!

    What a plonker!

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