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  • Some early thoughts on last week’s SDLT changes weblink

    Briefings | 12 December 2014

    In the Autumn Statement, the abolition of the slab system for stamp duty on residential transactions had not been widely anticipated. We are already seeing changes in behaviour.

  • New technology, new risks: why data protection law needs to keep up weblink

    Briefings | 10 December 2014

    According to IBM, 90 per cent of the world’s data was created in the past two years. The rise of ‘wearable technology’ will only serve to increase the levels of data collected.

  • Autumn Statement 2014: not all bricks and mortar weblink

    Briefings | 10 December 2014

    There are three things in the Autumn Statement that we want to bring to your attention which you may have missed, and that may be of relevance to you.

  • A short guide on the BEPS action plan weblink

    Briefings | 5 December 2014

    Tax partner Tim Crosley outlines the key points of the BEPS project.

  • Keeping up to date with the rise of social media: top tips for employers weblink

    Briefings | 1 December 2014

    Memery Crystal’s employment team has come up with the top five things that it sees as the most relevant for employers to consider when using social media in their workplace.

  • Gender diversity in the boardroom weblink

    Briefings | 17 November 2014

    The appointment of Patrice Merrin to the board of Glencore was described as a ‘historic day for the FTSE’ representing the end of all-male boards in the FTSE 100.

  • Prescriptions for apps weblink

    Briefings | 14 November 2014

    On 13 November, the NHS announced a ‘radical’ new idea to become fully paperless — that is to say, provide more services online.

  • Takeover Code update weblink

    Briefings | 14 November 2014

    A pair of consultation papers released over the summer outline areas where the Takeover Panel is seeking to improve the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

  • Cyber security — blanket? weblink

    Briefings | 14 November 2014

    Tim Ryan guides us through the cyber-security puzzle with five useful recommendations.

  • Standard market: perception vs reality weblink

    Briefings | 13 November 2014

    For companies looking to move to the Main Market, there has been a concern as to whether there will be sufficient liquidity in the market for shares in companies with standard listings.

  • Earn more pay for taking the same holiday weblink

    Briefings | 10 November 2014

    The EAT has confirmed that all elements of a worker’s normal remuneration must be taken into account when calculating holiday pay.

  • Banking reform — the reversal of the burden of proof and criminal liability weblink

    Briefings | 5 November 2014

    This note focuses on two aspects of the new rules that have attracted the most vocal criticism.

  • Look before you fund: litigation funders liable for indemnity costs weblink

    Briefings | 30 October 2014

    Lord Justice Christopher Clarke held litigation funders liable for the costs of successful opponents in Excalibur Ventures v Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd.

  • Will ‘unlimited’ holidays take off? weblink

    Briefings | 30 October 2014

    Richard Branson has introduced a ‘non-policy’ on holidays for 170 staff in the UK and the US. This ‘radical’ approach has already been, in part, rolled out by Netflix.

  • Arbitration: the good, the bad and the ugly weblink

    Briefings | 1 October 2014

    The recent £22m arbitration award against HM Government in favour of Raytheon, provider of the troubled UN E-Borders project, has once again shone the spotlight on international commercial arbitration.

  • Employment status top tips weblink

    Briefings | 30 September 2014

    Memery Crystal’s Merrill April presents five top tips regarding employment status.

  • Tim’s top tax tips weblink

    Briefings | 29 September 2014

    Partner Tim Crosley gives his seven key employment tax tips that businesses should bear in mind.

  • New reporting obligations for mining and oil and gas companies weblink

    Briefings | 26 September 2014

    From January 2015, certain companies will be required to report annually on the payments that they have made to governments during the year.

  • AIM update on developments in Ukraine weblink

    Briefings | 22 September 2014

    AIM-listed companies and nominated advisers must have adequate regard to developments in Ukraine and in particular to EU sanctions against Russia.

  • Client note: mediation? weblink

    Briefings | 9 September 2014

    Will it ever be reasonable to refuse to mediate? The following are circumstances that might be exceptions to the usual rule.

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