Macfarlanes re-appoints management team until 2020

Macfarlanes has re-appointed senior partner Charles Martin and managing partner Julian Howard to continue in their roles until 2020.

Martin and Howard’s terms are due to expire in May 2017 and have been extended for another three years.

The firm did not carry out formal voting, but instead held consultations with partners in November and December.

Charles Martin
Charles Martin

Martin first took up the post of senior partner in 2008, making this his fourth consecutive term in charge. Although he highlighted there was no set limitation on holding the position, he added this is likely to be his last term in the role.

“In the next few years, I want to do more client work and make sure we do a good job collaborating across the firm,” he said. “Partners can be very focused on their clients but they need to think more broadly so that these clients have an over-arching service over the firm. Our size and single location gives us a competitive advantage in delivering that.”

Julian Howard has meanwhile been re-appointed as managing partner, having first been voted into the role in 2010.

During Martin’s time as senior partner, he has seen Macfarlanes’ revenue rise from £99m in the aftermath of the financial crash in 2008/09 to £159.7m last year.