LSE law faculty tops Govt research rankings

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  • LSE law faculty tops Govt research rankings

    This is real spin. Oxford, with twice the size of LSE's return, acheived almost the same GPA ranking and of course will get much more money as a result. Here are the results

    London School of Economics and Political Science

    Numbers Returned 50.9 GPA 3.100

    University of Oxford Numbers Returned 103.5 GPA 3.000

    Read 'em and weep

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  • LSE

    It seems the commentator above is suffering from sour grapes. LSE unlike Oxford submits almost all of its academic output for scrutiny. The scores are peer review, and thus the LSE's ranking is the result of the views of leading academics. While Oxford has been busy pandering to public schools and living in the past, LSE academics have been busy engaging in cutting edge research and fresh thinking. That is perhaps why the two highest paid barristers are ex LSE and why the last two British judges of the International Court of Justice were LSE professors.

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