Linklaters says: take a BlackBerry break

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  • Associates should be expendable

    Frankly I'd be a little concerned if I were a client and discovered that associates were considered so central to the success of my transaction that they couldn't be allowed out of contact for a couple of weeks.

    Partners? Perhaps, but associates are supposed to be lackies, not lynchpins.

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  • Blackberries on holiday

    A holiday without your Blackberry ? Never ! I look forward to diving into the hotel pool with my Blackberry strapped to my Speedo's in its waterproof case.

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  • Goes against the business model...

    ... of being able to charge associates when they are on holiday!

    This means that when the poor things come back to work, they will have to add a 15th hour to their day to make up for the shortfall!

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  • Redundancies may well be next

    Linklaters are doing what is right in the circumstances, associates are after all junior players in deals and easily replaceable in the current climate.

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  • blackberry

    The need to look at e-mails outside working hours should be the exception and not the rule.

    Human beings first, family first: let's get our priority right. It's all good talking about a well-balanced life and than we need to debate whether we should have BlackBerries on holiday!

    Working hours 9 to 7 and that's it! The rest can wait to the following morning!

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  • Blackberries on holiday....

    Hello. Me again. I have to say that in this day and age, Blackberries are a must have for the providers of legal services. Stay ahead of the game!

    As I said yesterday, I will be taking my Blackberry everywhere with me whilst on holiday in sunny southern Europe. If you need me, you will find me sitting under water in the deep end of the swimming pool happily answering clients' emailed enquires. Mark my words.

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  • Blackberrys deserve a break too (not really)

    Well done Links on this PR stunt. But it really is not more than a stunt... CC ASSOCIATE

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  • What's the big deal?

    Why is everyone being so precious about this? Another example of Generation Y?

    It's really not a big deal taking a Blackberry with you on holidays. You can check it, say, twice a day just to see if there is anything urgent from a client or colleague that hasn't been picked up in your absence and you can ask someone to deal with it for you or choose to deal with it yourself.

    There is a big distinction between simply checking your messages and keeping on top of things and being expected to work throughout your holidays.

    In my experience, associates are definitely not being asked to work via Blackberry while on holiday (nor are they even required to check their e-mails) but I admire those that are prepared to take responsibility for their internal and external client relationships rather than the precious associates who feel that they simply can't be put under that type of pressure, but will doubtless be checking their Facebook and personal e-mails avidly every day without fail.

    In the current climate, you need to grow up, take responsibility and take your job seriously.

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  • Back to Basics

    If any of Linklaters' clients are getting fed up with having a part-time lawyer, or being passed round the department every other week because "their" solicitor has cleared off on holiday and left his BB at home, they can call me on my Blackberry 24/7/365. WE never close.

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  • PR time for Linklaters competitors.

    Mark Boardman is definitely going the right way. Attention all marketing departments of law firms: Feel free to advertise that your lawyers are contactable when necessary unlike Linklaters who apparently don't care about their clients.

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