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Lawyer 2B or not 2B? - a question for the sleepless

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  • Once again the true nature and attitude of this reactionary organisation called SRA has been brought into the open. Everyone know their agenda has always been to marginalised or eliminate the less fortunate members of the society from the profession. And hear the Law Society also - an organisation that is no less different - 'We had urged the SRA not to scrap the minimum wage for trainees as it plays a crucial role in promoting equality of opportunity and acts as a safeguard to avoid exploitation.' Yet they did! 'The threat to diversity in the profession was even highlighted by the SRA's equalities impact assessment.' Yes they know, you don't need to tell them. And again ''The Law Society was concerned that the result of this decision will be that trainees who will be offered the reduced minimum salary, who are likely already to have substantial debts, will find themselves in significant financial difficulty and forced to take on other work which will distract them from giving full attention to the training contract.

    'Alternatively, those trainees who have private means will receive an undue advantage over potentially more meritorious candidates. Neither result will be good for the diversity of the profession. These views were supported by the SRA's own Equalities Impact Assessment and we are surprised and disappointed that the SRA did not place greater weight on its findings.
    'We will be monitoring the effects of the decision closely.'
    Is anyone surprised that all they can do is 'monitoring'? I reckon it is high time the lawyers themselves rise up against these reactionary elements.

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