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Real estate in the Balkans: recent news highlights

The Serbian Republic Geodetic Authority have commenced a new internet service which allows all persons to have online access to the electronic database of the real estate cadastre. Depending on the amount of data that can be seen, there are two types of users of KnWeb:

  • common users — those able to see information concerning the cadastral lot, the owners and other rights existing on land, and the buildings on it, including information on the existence of encumbrances;
  • privileged users — those able to see all that common users can plus all information regarding existing encumbrances (date of registration of mortgage, its amount, due date, etc.)

Only a legal entity can become a privileged user, by signing an agreement with the RGA. The electronic database is updated twice a week for the largest cities (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac etc.), once a week for smaller cities and once a month (or at the latest once every 45 days) for the rest of the locations in Serbia…

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