Law firm freebie gives student electric shock

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  • Sick of freebies

    I am a student and I think the whole freebie thing has got out of hand too. I don't think a packet of Smarties or a great book of sticky labels are a good enough reason to join a firm.

    I think if you are serious about being a lawyer you should chose a firm for what it is - not the freebies it gives away at law fairs.

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  • A little more conversation

    I agree - freebies are a total waste of time and money. A conversation with a trainee on a law fair stand gives more away about what a law firm stands for than any giveaway will ever do.

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  • It's all about branding

    I don't agree with the last two comments. A law firm can do a great job telling you why it is a better place to work than its rivals, but if you don't remember its name, it was a wasted effort.

    A lot of branding is just getting people to remember your name at the right time - Carling is a rubbish beer, for instance, but people buy it because it is the name that jumps into their head when they are at the bar or the off license.

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  • Did you see what I did there?

    I can't believe that the firm didn't check out its supplier more carefully... shocking.

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  • Freebie poll

    My vote goes to the legendary Cameron's travel adaptor!

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  • The most stunning thing ever to emerge from Camerons

    At least this item raised a giggle - nice to see that in cost-cutting times, pieces of irrelevant tat are still being peddled by law firms.

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  • doh..

    The travel adaptor is actually a genius idea... really useful. Shame the suppliers decided not to give instructions out with them to tell reprobate students not to keep all the different pins extended when plugging in the adaptor.

    Cambridge student no doubt became a slightly brighter spark after his shock.

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  • Shocking

    Law firm freebies are amazing. They kept me in stationery throughout my undergrad years and beyond; sticky labels are expensive.

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  • To students like freebies

    I don't think you can make a pun on a pun and call it your own...

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  • Pointless

    I can't think of a single really decent freebie... Cleary gave mini bottles of champagne but their representatives became ridiculously strict cue people having to brown nose to get their freebies - not on!

    No, the money spent on freebies would be better ploughed into decent drinks receptions or on making vacation schemes better. After all, this is where the real competition for the stronger (bothering to attend a reception), and strongest (got through to vacation schemes) takes place...

    (Caveat to this: Links should, however, consider trimming the vac scheme budget to provide some form of refreshments to interviewees!)*

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  • I do think freebies have their use. For me at least a firm that gave bad freebies definitely left a bad impression.

    For example, I remember from my year that Freshfields gave terrible freebies, they must be quite stingy with their staff too (at least the feeling I got).

    Slaughters on the other hand gave terrific freebies, that made me look up the firm and left a strong positive impression.

    But I ended up joining another magic circle firm because of my vac scheme experience and I like it the best after talking to the people etc. (I didn't even see their booth at the law fair!)

    So freebies are not everything, but doing a good job definitely helps advertise your firm strongly. And doing a poor job only damages your reputation.

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