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  • Latest developments in the UK government’s efforts to cut back red tape in employment law weblink

    Briefings | 14 November 2012

    In the past two months, the UK government has announced a number of reforms to existing UK employment law.

  • Serious Fraud Office exercises civil recovery powers in respect of parent company assets weblink

    Briefings | 28 September 2012

    The SFO has exercised its powers to seek civil recovery of the proceeds of crime once again, resulting in an Order against Oxford Publishing Limited to pay almost £1.9 million.

  • Settlement and Part 36 offers — technicalities matter weblink

    Briefings | 28 September 2012

    Settlement is a fundamental part of litigation, and parties should be alive to the potential costs advantages (and pitfalls) of making the right offer.

  • London Listings for Russian mineral companies weblink

    Briefings | 11 September 2012

    Against a backdrop of continued global economic uncertainty and risk aversion, mineral companies are generally better placed than companies in many other sectors to seek admission of their securities to the London Stock Exchange and access the international equity capital markets.

  • Exit consents in English law-governed bonds weblink

    Briefings | 9 August 2012

    In an important judgment handed down on Friday 27 July 2012 Justice Briggs, sitting at the High Court, Chancery Division, upheld a challenge to the commonly used restructuring technique of “exit consents” used in English law-governed bonds.

  • New compulsory pension provision in the UK from October 2012: an update weblink

    Briefings | 9 August 2012

    From October 2012, the new UK pensions auto-enrolment regime will start to apply to the largest employers in the UK, being employers with 120,000 or more “eligible jobholders”.

  • ESMA permits deposits of new shares under GDR block listing regime weblink

    Briefings | 9 July 2012

    A distinguishing feature of the UK Listing Authority’s GDR listing regime is that an applicant may submit a listing application (including a listing prospectus) to obtain a ‘block listing’ for its GDRs under which ‘up to’ a certain number of listed GDRs may be issued against deposits of the applicant’s shares into the GDR programme.

  • UK cookie rules: are you compliant? weblink

    Briefings | 21 June 2012

    The UK Information Commissioners’ Office 12-month grace period for enforcing compliance with the new cookie consent rules has now expired.

  • The 'client money' decision in the Lehman administration weblink

    Briefings | 6 June 2012

    The UK Supreme Court has recently handed down a decision in a contentious and difficult application in the Lehman administration, a decision that fundamentally affects the allocation of client moneys in the Lehman estate.

  • English High Court allows commercial claim to be served on a defendant via Facebook weblink

    Briefings | 6 June 2012

    The English High Court has recently allowed a commercial claim to be served on a defendant via Facebook and in the process has demonstrated that even the senior courts are willing to take advantage of the offerings of modern technology.

  • Race to the court — where do you want your case to be heard? weblink

    Briefings | 6 June 2012

    The recent case of UBS Limited & UBS AG v. Regione Calabria [2012] EWHC 699 (Comm) examines what happens when there are competing claims in the courts of different EU Member States in circumstances where one of the claims was arguably not properly brought.

  • Tightening the net: defamation reform weblink

    Briefings | 6 June 2012

    Internet service providers have frequently been caught in the cross-fire in defamation claims, with claimants increasingly targeting them to get comments removed quickly.