Kingsley Napley promotes two partners as part of regulatory launch

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  • Power without responsibility:
    I note Ms Wolley's reference to the "strength" and "success" of "our regulatory and professional discipline team and our growth ambitions in the area going forward". Does this mean that Kingsley Napley intends to continue to promote a climate of gladiatorial combat in pursuing the interests of its "key client" The Health Professions Council? That so called "independent" in fact unaccountable, body is about health politics, not protection of the public. It is saddening to see the KN snout so enthusiastically in a trough filled from the pockets of HPC registrants. How about putting something back- like a review of the playing field on which KN barristers and solicitors hone their courtroom skills on registrants who are often unrepresented, rely on the inadequate and misleading advice published by the HPC and who even when they are exonerated at Hearing, have no chance of recovering financial costs- let alone compensation for the massive disruption of their lives? The impact on the lives of the luckless patients of such registrants is entirely disregarded by HPC and its ambitious law team. It would be heartening to hear that I am mistaken in perceiving Kingsley Napley's public law division to be entirely driven by financial ambition.
    Kay Coombes

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