Judiciary invites legal execs to join its ranks

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  • JAC is clueless

    Having just been through a seriously flawed JAC appointment competition (exam - no past papers to help prepare. 3 hour test to be completed in one and a half hours), I can only emphasise to solicitor lawyer colleagues you are wasting your time even applying, let alone legal executives.

    Don't bother until the system is radically overhauled to make it TRULY fair - by application and interview. not some spurious 'test'

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  • Non-lawyers need not apply

    Mr Bishop is talking utter nonsense. By definition, legal executives are not lawyers and should therefore not even be eligiblt for appointment. Who out there would have their (or their client's) legal rights and duties determined by someone unable/cannot be bothered to qualify properly?
    As for "JAC is clueless", no doubt you would also complain (like those who miss out on Oxbridge) if you were rejected after an interview due to alleged pro-Bar bias! I would suggest that your being a solicitor had nothing to with your finding the JAC test difficult; rather, you are just not good enough.

    The real problem faced by solicitors (mentioned in the legal press of late as being the real reason for the lack of solicitor participation in these appointment competitions) is that their firms do not want their best fee-earners "wasting" fee-earning time on an activity that brings nigh on no benefit to the firm. Being self-employed, barristers can make their own decision to forego work in order to sit part-time. The solution lies in the hands of solicitors themselves.

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  • Legal Execs should stick to being jurors

    It is absurd to suggest that legal execs should be judges what next legal secretaries? It is akin to having the hospital porter being appointed a surgeon.

    If legal execs want to advance their careers they should qualify as solicitors, if they are unwilling or unable to do this then they should stick to being legal execs and stop pretending that they are more qualified than they actually are.

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  • Legal Exec Judges - why ever not?

    Quite why some commentators are so vitriolic in their condemnation of the plan to invite legal execs into the judicial fold is beyond me!

    I'm one and I'm bloody good too (and I'm not alone in that). I've no idea at the moment if I want to apply but I would venture to suggest that widening the pool of available talent to include some extremely experienced and capable non-solicitor/barrister lawyers (for that is what we are) is a GOOD thing.

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