JLD hits out at critics

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  • Really quite the worst defence of oneself I think I have ever seen.

    “What we don’t want to see is people who wouldn’t have gone to law school go because it is closer to them. Just because it is on their doorstep doesn’t mean they should do it.

    “Manchester, for example, has many law schools, but BPP and College of Law have finances and resources to almost blanket the city with adverts. This is encouraging people to do the course because it is on their doorstep rather than doing it for the right reasons.”

    There is so much wrong with those two paragraphs, I don't know where to start. But talk about "unfounded information", where does Poulter get this information that anyone will go train as a solicitor just because BPP has opened a branch near where they live? He also contradicts himself afterward when he states that there are plenty of law schools in Manchester already, but BPP will saturate the streets with adverts, causing all those Geography and Classics graduates to suddenly rush to BPP to sign up for the GDL.

    So as long as they go to any law school but BPP (or CoL) it's ok then? In that case, it's not opening the schools that the JLD objects to, but advertising them? In that case, would it be ok for BPP to open branches but keep very very quiet about it?

    The JLD seems to be setting out its stall as being opposed to advertising, rather than corporate expansion.

    The natural extension of this is equally absurd. Is it then ok to decide to become a solicitor for fatuous reasons as long as you don't train in your own hometown?

    It seemed the JLD executive was in a hole here, and decided to get out the shovels and carry on digging.

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