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Jane Sewell

Jane Sewell has more than 25 years of experience acting for home builders, both in-house and in private practice. She also acts for housing associations and landowners selling development sites.

Jane Sewell

Sewell deals with the acquisition of land, including complex conditional contracts including overage provisions, development obligations and providing for mixed-use developments, options, consortium agreements, development agreements, building contracts and planning agreements. She also has experience in dealing with the disposal of parts of development sites and affordable housing.

Recent experience

Advising on the acquisition and development of regeneration sites, including acquisitions involving regeneration agencies, local authority landowners and other landowners. The schemes usually include development obligations, overage provisions and often leases back of parts of the new development.

Recent sites include:

  • a scheme at Dalston Junction Interchange which will include new apartments and commercial units over the new East London Line
  • a conditional contract with development obligations in relation to a mixed use development, including a affordable housing and a new leisure centre, at Loampit Vale, Lewisham
  • a scheme involving the acquisition of a former school at Tower Hamlets and redevelopment as a residential development with community facilities
  • a conditional agreement for lease and development of a regeneration site at Pembury Circus by the provision of private and affordable housing and new community facilities
  • the acquisition of several phases of a development site in Cambridgeshire under a conditional agreement as to one phase and under put and call options as to the other phases, with development obligations and a collaboration agreement
  • the conditional sale on behalf of a statutory authority of two sites with claw back provisions and the conditional acquisition by that authority of part of a completed residential development from a home builder with overage provisions
  • the conditional acquisition by a home builder client, in collaboration with another home builder, of a large site in Norwich
  • the acquisition by a home builder client of a part of site of another development site in Suffolk with novation provisions in relation to part of an existing affordable housing agreement
  • the conditional acquisition by a registered social landlord of a former allotment site in Leicester for redevelopment as an extra care scheme

Acting in relation to options for strategic land and on the exercise of the options and subsequent acquisition of the land

Acting on the disposals of development sites to other developers and exchanges of parts of development sites with other developers

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