Italian leniency notice aligned to European Competition Network programme

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Italian leniency notice aligned to the November 2012 version of the European Competition Network Model Leniency Programme - .PDF file.

On 25 March 2013 the Italian Antitrust Authority published an updated version of the Antitrust Leniency Notice. The new version implements the refinements to the Model Leniency Programme adopted by the European Competition Network last November. Significant amendments include the scope of the leniency programme, the explanations and clarification on the duty of continuous co-operation and the availability of the marker, and summary applications also for those applicants seeking the reduction of fines.

Secret cartels are considered the most serious of competition violations. The greatest challenge facing competition control authorities is to counter the increasingly sophisticated means used by companies to conceal collusive behaviour. Leniency programmes are considered the most effective tool today for detecting cartels and obtaining the relevant evidence. These programmes grant total or partial exemption from the fines that would otherwise be applicable to a cartel member which provides information and documents useful for the detection of the cartel…

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